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The ‘Finger Plan’ of 1967/1968 was created from the sponsorship of planning representative, Hans Kampffmeyer. It was a rough sketch in which several lines were drawn from the plant ring in which an intensive building program was to be admitted. Like fingers of a spreading hand, these building strips spread apart. A compacted building was also planned for the areas between the fingers. It was a plan “under the table”, connected with internal administrative planning, but not a legal development plan.

When the population in the Frankfurter Hauskampf surged in 1971, a “change lock” was imposed on the Frankfurt West End, and the finger plan was thus past. On the basis of the fingerprint, building rights were granted in anticipation of non-existent blueprints. The corresponding building projects were then designated by the planning and construction company as “corpses in the cellar”. In order to avoid compensation for damages, the city had to grant building permits. One of these “Kellerleichen” is the West End Centre (now Hochhaus am Park) on Fürstenbergerstrasse. The Hochhaus am Park is the “fingernail” of the then designed northern finger in the West End.

Fingerplan Frankfurt

The Fingerplan suggested developments on large roads.

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