The Fingerplan from 1967/1968 (also referred to five finger plan), created in the aegis of the planning department head Hans Kampffmeyer, was a city planning scheme, starting from the Anlagenring, in which intensive building was permitted along several strips. The Fingerplan had far-reaching consequences for the development of high-rise buildings, particularly in the Westend district. These building strips spread apart like fingers of a spread hand. Dense development was also planned for the areas between the fingers. It was a plan “under the table”, combined with administrative planning, not a legally valid development plan.

Especially one definition of the Fingerplan had a devastating effect: a minimum size of 2,000 square meters (21,527 square feet) had been set as a prerequisite for the construction of an office high-rise. Private owners of dwelling houses then tried to acquire neighboring properties and combine them to form a large area, in order to then make a profit from the increase in the price of the land by selling them to a building owner. In the first year after the fingerprint was passed, the most intensive land purchases in the Westend occurred.

When the resistance of the population against the developments became visible through the Frankfurt House Fights (Frankfurter Häuserkampf) in 1971, a “change lock” was imposed on the Westend district, and the Fingerplan was a thing of the past. On the basis of the fingerprint plan, building code commitments had been made in anticipation of construction plans that did not yet exist. At the time, the planning and construction department head called the corresponding construction projects “corpses in the basement”. In order not to become liable for damages, the city had to issue building permits. One of these projects was High-rise at the Park (Hochhaus am Park) on Fuerstenbergerstrasse, which is currently converted into 160 Park View. This tower formed the “fingernail” of the northern finger in the Westend, which was designed at the time.

Fingerplan Frankfurt - Finger Plan

The Fingerplan suggested new high-rise projects to be constructed next to large roads (marked in dark red).

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