House Running in Frankfurt

Down the High-Rise Wall

Sky Running in Frankfurt by Jochen Schweizer

Many people are looking for a kick and often aim high – for example mountaineers or climbers, to name two examples. In house running, however, it does not go high, but above all deep down. In this trend sport, high-rise walls act as sidewalks.

House running is a sport that has grown in popularity, particularly in recent years. Here, the participants, roped up with special belts, run down vertical house walls face down. The participant is secured to the edge of the house with climbing equipment. The House Runner is then roped down until it “stands” vertically on the house wall – then the slow descent to the facade can begin. It is of course quite a long way from the roof edge to the ground, where you not only have to be free from giddiness, but also physically fit.

Seen from above, the world on the ground looks tiny, like a miniature world. Once the first step has been taken and the first fear has been overcome, the feeling of freedom sets in in this extreme sport. With your gaze lowered towards the ground, you walk meter by meter at a 90-degree angle along the house wall – the world is literally at your feet.

House running is not only practiced on the building facade, but also carried out in nature on steep rock faces as so-called rock running.

House Running Provider

House running is often offered as part of events or as an alternative leisure offer in the adventure and trend sports sector, such as bungee jumping, rafting or canyoning. In Frankfurt you can experience the feeling for yourself at the Leonardo Royal hotel tower thanks to the supplier Jochen Schweizer.

Jochen Schweizer Sky Running Frankfurt
Extreme sports house running - climbing down a skyscraper facade in Frankfurt