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Real Estate Breakfast Offenbach: City of Opportunities and Potential

The Real Estate Industry Learns About Rising Areas in Offenbach

The message has arrived in the real estate industry: something is moving in Offenbach! And those who are smart act quickly. Because Offenbach is innovative, Offenbach is dynamic, but above all Offenbach has one thing: Excellent, extremely exciting commercial space potential that interests investors, project developers, and architects alike.

It is therefore hardly surprising that this year again numerous interested parties accepted the invitation from the economic development agency and OPG – Offenbacher Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft of Stadtwerke-Gruppe – to find out about the latest developments and participation opportunities in Offenbach at the traditional Immofrühstück (lit. “Real Estate Breakfast”). For ten years now, this series of events has been an attractive forum for developers and investors with a steadily increasing number of visitors. Daniela Matha, managing director of OPG, opened and moderated the event. New this year is the first cooperation with a company based in Offenbach: This year 127 guests from well-known companies and institutions came together to exchange ideas and network at the headquarters of the building materials dealer Saint-Gobain Building Distribution Deutschland GmbH.

“In the future, further collaborations with Offenbach companies are planned for this format,” said Mayor Dr. Felix Schwenke. “Not only the companies themselves benefit from this, as they can show a strong presence here. It also signals the special identification of a company with the location and illustrates the close, trusting cooperation between the city and the commercial enterprises. There can be no better location marketing for us! ”He affirmed.

Business promotion and location development are top priority in Offenbach. This was underlined by Mayor Schwenke with his lecture this year on “Chances for Investors and Users”. The tenor of the entertaining and informative lecture: A commitment in Offenbach has never been more worthwhile. The Kaiserlei district in particular, as the most important commercial area with its excellent visibility and presence, has impressed the professional world: Whether Helaba or AXA, Hyundai or Mercedes, many well-known companies are already active here. “In addition, numerous investors and project developers are already in the starting blocks to help shape the ‘service park’ planned here as an office location,” says Dr. Schwenke. Of particular interest are the two urban properties, each with around 9,000 square meters (96875 square feet), which will be available after the renovation of the Kaiserlei Roundabout and whose marketing for high-quality new office buildings is to be promoted aggressively in 2019. A restricted invitation to tender is to be carried out as early as the second half of the year, so that the contract can be awarded to the most promising draftsman in the summer of 2020.

The conversion of the roundabout into a two-intersection system, which will ensure that traffic runs more smoothly in the future – also thanks to smart technology in the form of an intelligent, “thinking” traffic light circuit – will make a significant contribution to the future viability and attractiveness of the location that is there yourself OB swivel sure. “The result is a well-developed, clearly visible commercial location that, thanks to its close proximity to the ECB and the world’s largest Internet hub DE-CIX, already exudes an internationality that is particularly interesting for globally operating companies.” A direct S-Bahn connection to Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt Central Station underline the excellent accessibility. An appealing green space concept as well as a colorful mix of gastronomy, regional suppliers and sports and leisure activities will round off the profile of the future service park. “This is not a pure office desert,” emphasizes Mayor Schwenke.

The interest of the real estate industry should also be directed to other first-class commercial spaces and outstanding projects in Offenbach. “We want to arouse the desire to get actively involved in Offenbach,” says Jürgen Amberger, head of Offenbach‘s economic development agency. “We have the areas of the future”, emphasizes Mayor Schwenke. The city scores points in particular with the exciting development potential on the freight station area as a future “Quarter 4.0” with low-emission, city-friendly production and the former Allessa site as an ‘innovation campus’. Mayor Schwenke has also made it his business to question the processes in the administration. A new building permit round, which meets regularly, was introduced in January, consisting of the political leaders, the municipal building authorities, the environmental department and business development agencies. She ensures that particularly important construction projects are brought forward quickly through permanent communication, coordination processes via short official channels and close support for the client.

The OPG is also very pleased with the enormously positive development that the Offenbach location has taken in recent years, above all the port area. “The venue here in the Saint-Gobain Building Distribution Germany building is a good example of how our vision of the port has been turned into reality”, summarizes Daniela Matha.

Any problems or delays can be identified and resolved at an early stage and binding decisions can be made in favor of the client. The goal is to enable a high level of planning security and solution orientation by guaranteeing the issuing of building permits within three months – a clear location advantage of Offenbach.

At the end, the guests from the business development agency and the OPG gave a clear message as feedback: “It is worth investing in Offenbach,” quotes Jürgen Amberger, quoting the most frequently heard sentence.

Status April 2020: The Real Estate Breakfast Offenbach was canceled due to the corona crisis. SKYLINE ATLAS will further report on the next real estate events of this kind in Offenbach.

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