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How tall is the high-rise ONE FORTY WEST?

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The SKYLINE ATLAS has gone on a detailed search and has created surprise and frustration. For the current high-rise project ONE FORTY WEST (“140 WEST”), one could assume that the building height is 140 meters (459 feet). Also the owner hausinvest (in German), the BILD Newspaper (in German), the CTBUH* and Wikipedia* (in German) list 140 meters as height. The problem: this information is not correct.

After interviewing the responsible architect on premises and looking into official planning documents, it became obvious that the tower is built higher than originally proposed. The height of 140 meters refers to a figure from zoning and the Strukturplan Kulturcampus Frankfurt (Quelle: Stadt Frankfurt, PDF).
At the height of 140 meters you can today roughly find the railing of the roof. And it is precisely this roof that now receives further superstructures for ventilation and elevator technology which are part of the skyscraper’s concrete core.

Generally speaking heights of buildings can change from original plans to the approved plans, for example if technical floors are integrated into the building cubature (like this has been the case for the OmniTurm). But it is also the same for Tower 185 which doesn’t have a height of 185 meters but 200 meters.

The final and approved building height of the ONE FORTY WEST including the technical enclosure can be recognized on this section:

ONE FORTY WEST - official height - building height - iPad - plan - sketch- detail

Therefore, we clarified: The ONE FORTY WEST has a height of 145 meters (476 feet), whether you like it or not.

Thanks to the “won” five meters, the ONE FORTY WEST pushes in the list of tallest skyscrapers in Frankfurt in front of the City-Haus and the Frankfurter Buero Center (FBC).

* The CTBUH (Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) and Wikipedia have corrected the information from 140 meters to 145 meters because of the mentioned research results.

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