OmniTurm Höhe

The mystery surrounding the OmniTurm is solved

A high-rise is not arbitrarily built to a certain height. How tall one can construct on a particular lot is decided neither by the architect nor the owner: it is set out in the corresponding development plan. Those interested will observe, however, that there is sometimes a discrepancy between the development plan and the actual height of some high-rise buildings. In other words: a high-rise building is sometimes taller than originally planned, such as the OmniTurm (lit. “Omni Tower“). The original development plan for this tower envisioned a maximum standing height of 175 meters. The planning department has since listed a height of 185.4 meters, but the site of the builder claims it is as high as 190 meters. The SKYLINE ATLAS then asked itself the question: how do these different heights come about and how tall is the OmniTurm now?

By request of the planning office of the City of Frankfurt, Mr. Rosmus has reported back to SKYLINE ATLAS. As the man responsible for planning issues within the Cityring, Mr. Rosmus explains: “The maximum height in a development plan can actually differ from the later height, for example, if technical floors are integrated into the structure. Technology floors are not counted in the height calculation.” This is the case, for example, with the Jumeirah high-rise building, where 3 floors were barely embedded in the architecture of the building.

“The same is true of the OmniTurm,” says Rosmus. The OmniTurm has technical floors planted in the above-ground floors. The height of 185.4 meters still stands out of the architectural competition and is no longer up to date. In the official building application for the OmniTurm, there were 189.9 meters (almost 190 meters), as indicated by the project developer Tishman Speyer. As a result:

The OmniTurm has a height of 189.9 meters (623 feet).

// UPDATE in November 2020: We have visited OmniTurm and can confirm the official number of floors:

1 ground floor  (lobby)
45 regular floors
1 attic floor (technical equipment)
Total number = 46 regular floors

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