Omniturm Frankfurt

The OmniTurm is the pioneer of a new trend. It is situated in the middle of the banking district and is currently under construction. It will be the first high-rise building with real multi-use in Germany, as it contains office, residential and public areas.

The laying of the foundation stone for the 45-storey OmniTurm took place in 2016. Planning has been carried out by the well-known global architects’ office, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). The building will comprise more than 43,850 square meters of class A office space, approximately 8,175 square meters of modern residential space, and more than 1,579 square meters of publicly accessible space. After completion, the high-rise building will offer flexible and efficient spaces with state-of-the-art functionality that will meet the requirements of modern and larger tenants, as well as catering for urban residential tenants in every respect. It is striving to achieve the LEED Platinum certification after completion.

The OmniTurm is to be a dynamic technology start-up centre with creative office and co-working areas, as well as a cafeteria and event hall. The mixture of traditional office halls and younger start-up users will fill this high-rise with an extremely active business life and mark a trending change in the area of ​​mixed-use properties for Frankfurt. Other facilities will include community areas, bicycle parking, charging stations for electric vehicles and restaurant facilities. There will also be direct access to the newly-built park and Plaza areas right next to the building.

This new high-rise hotel will be directly opposite the famous TaunusTurm by Tishman Speyer, and easily accessible by public and private transport. Also, the four upcoming skyscrapers of the FOUR Frankfurt complex are directly bordering the OmniTurm site. Thanks to its location in the middle of the banking district, OmniTurm will be surrounded by a variety of retail, gastronomy and cultural facilities.

A novelty for Europe: Since the OmniTurm has reached a height of 100 meters (328 feet), the intersection corner Neue Mainzer Strasse/Grosse Gallusstrasse is the first street intersection in Europe, with high-rise buildings of more than 100 meters height at each corner.

OmniTurm - Skyscraper in the city of Frankfurt - under construction - Financial District - October 2018

Status February 2018: The bending of OmniTurm is currenly under construction.

OmniTurm skyscraper - under construction - Frankfurt CBD Central Business District - February 2018

Status September 2017: The first three floors are visible, see the following picture.

Omniturm Frankfurt - September 2017
Omniturm Frankfurt

The following side view is from the competition phase of the OmniTurm. Its height is 185.4 meters. However, the actual height of the OmniTurm is 189.9 meters.

Omniturm Seitenansicht
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