Helaba-Bank presents plans for Central Business Tower

Frankfurt’s banking district continues to grow. Construction work will begin this year on the new Central Business Tower at the intersection of Neue Mainzer Strasse and Junghofstrasse. The plans for the high-rise are older and were drawn up by KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten in 2001, but due to financial difficulties, including those of the then owner Hypo Real Estate, the project could not be implemented for a long time. The Helaba Bank then acquired the site in 2018 and has been pushing ahead with the construction project ever since.

The external appearance hardly differs from the plans from 2001. However, the height of the tower will be 205 meters instead of 197 meters. The building technology is also to be adapted to today’s construction standards. For example, around 3,800 photovoltaic modules will be installed in the facade and at the top of the tower to generate electricity. Although this will not completely offset the tower’s electricity consumption, it will at least make a contribution, says Jürgen Engel.

The new high-rise is to be connected with the still existing former bank building of the Frankfurter Sparkasse. The facade of the five to six-story building is to be retained, but the interior is to be completely redesigned. The Weltkulturenmuseum will then also have a 511-square-meter branch here with a roof terrace facing the Wallanlage. In addition to the exhibition area, there will be a three-story hall on the mezzanine floor of the base building with a dome in the form of an illuminated ceiling. This area will be open to the public and used by a café or restaurant.

The renovated base building

Three-storey hall with café

The high-rise building is planned as a double tower with an H-shaped ground plan. Two rectangular parts face each other slightly offset and are connected by a joint that widens towards the top. In total, the twin tower is to have 52 upper floors and 5 basement floors. Most of the 72,250 square meters of total leasable space will be for office use.

OFB, a subsidiary of Helaba, will be responsible for construction supervision and project management for the Central Business Tower. Ed. Züblin AG has been commissioned with the construction.


H-shaped floor plan with joint

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