Börsenplatz Eschborn Tower in Eschborn

Floors: 17 above ground
Height: 38.00 m
Completion: 2026
Status: under construction
Usage: office

Börsenplatz Eschborn Tower Address

Mergenthalerallee 6-8
City: Eschborn

Location Rating

Score: 76 of 100
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Börsenplatz Eschborn Tower Rental

Phone: +49 69 173 269 391
Email: request via email

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new Börsenplatz Eschborn building complex was held at the Eschborn South office location on June 29. The new business quarter will be divided into three independent construction phases. The design is by Holger Meyer Architekten, while project development is by Gertler Real Estate.

The ensemble will also include a high-rise building with 17 floors including the first floor. Including the technical superstructure, the high-rise will be around 38 meters high. It is planned as the final construction phase and will have 16,000 square meters for offices and gastronomy. The standard floors will contain office space between 700 and 850 square meters, on which up to three tenants can move in. The smallest co-unit may be 400 square feet. The high-rise building will have a total of 4 elevators. Cooling sails with room acoustic effect will ensure a pleasant climate in the building. A transparent double facade with external sun protection ensures sufficient light in the rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows.


The illuminated buildings of the Börsenplatz Eschborn with the high-rise


View of the inner courtyard of the ensemble

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