Helaba Financial Centre Study: Questions to Dr. Stefan Mitropoulos

The Frankfurt office market and Brexit Interview with Dr. Stefan Mitropoulos The Economics/Research division of the Hessische Landesbank (Helaba) headed by chief economist Dr. Gertrud R. Traud and author Ulrike Bischoff presented their his study on the Frankfurt financial center in October 2019. The results in detail: First Brexit bankers arrived in Frankfurt 31 foreign

Michael Wutzke

SKYLINE ATLAS goes back to the initiator Michael Wutzke. SKYLINE ATLAS is a project with which Michael originally wanted to express his passion for Frankfurt and the skyline on his own. But in the meantime other authors and creative people joined the editorial team. Michael Wutzke has been intensively involved in real estate research and

Peter Feldmann

The challenges in the City of Frankfurt over the Next Fifteen Years Mayor Peter Feldmann in conversation with the SKYLINE ATLAS Michael Wutzke: Mr. Feldmann, as Lord Mayor of the City of Frankfurt am Main, you are at the cutting edge for meeting the problems and demands of a modern city. The topics are now

High-Rise Development Plan 2021

Using the high-rise building plan 2021, the City of Frankfurt wants to express its political opinion on how and where new skyscrapers are to be built in the future. Using this instrument investors and clients can better orient themselves. The planning department is currently working on updating the high-rise development plan 2000, which was updated


SKYLINE ATLAS is a primary source of information about tall buildings in the Frankfurt city region. SKYLINE ATLAS provides the public a permanent central location to discover content about urban developments in Frankfurt. Numerous authors and creative minds produce the SKYLINE ATLAS. For decades the editorial staff has cultivated networks with experts in the real

Petra Roth

About the Future of our Cities In Conversation with Petra Roth Michael Wutzke: Mrs. Roth, as vice-president of the Association of German Cities and Lord Mayor of the city of Frankfurt, I would like to hear your thoughts on the future role of German cities. What are the challenges facing our big cities in the