AfE Tower Demolition - BOOOM

When it was completed in 1972, the AfE Tower was the tallest skyscraper in Frankfurt. After about 40 years in operation, however, its use by the Goethe University was discontinued. In 2014, the AfE Tower in Frankfurt was blown up. The demolition of the tower was a major media event and was even broadcast on TV at the time. After all, it was the highest skyscraper ever blown up in Germany.

Thomas Gessner was very close to the blasting at the time. However, he did not simply put the resulting pictorial material online unprocessed, but created an artistic staging of architecture from it. His work BOOOM is a short film that captivates and fascinates viewers.


Formats: Photography and film

How to get it: The series shot of the blasting is available as a framed picture – for purchase or loan.

Artist: Thomas Gessner

Thomas Gessner is a member of the editorial staff of SKYLINE ATLAS.

BOOOM - Short Film

BOOOM is an art staging of the demolition of the AfE Tower. The audiovisual realisation was produced from 40 individual images. The tower falls and rises again to the beat of Japanese Taiko drums, which leads the representation of the blasting into the grotesque. The individual pictures were also used to produce flip-books and large-format picture series.

To view the video clip BOOOM, please click on the icon at the bottom of the image to play it.

AfE Tower Frankfurt - AfE Turm Frankfurt - demolition - controlled blast in Frankfurt, Germany, Europe

(c) Thomas Gessner

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