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Demolition definition - Dismantling definition - Highrise construction site in Frankfurt

What are demolition and dismantling?

In the construction industry, demolition is understood to mean the destruction and disposal of all types of structures. Demolition usually takes place on entire structures. There are, however, exceptions where only parts of the building are removed. The terms demolition and dismantling are used as a synonym. In practice, the term “dismantling” has established itself as it sounds more demanding and less brutal.

A demolition is carried out by various methods such as tearing, removing, dismantling, milling, chiseling, smashing, or the use of controlled blasting. Blasting is preferred for larger structures, provided local conditions allow. If only parts are to be torn off, more “gentle” demolition devices such as wall saws and core drilling machines are used.

Most demolition work requires special demolition permits detailing the demolition procedure. A demolition permit may also be required in the event of a partial demolition within a house, especially if load-bearing components are to be removed or if fire protection-relevant components are affected by the demolition measures.

Dismantling also occasionally includes clearing out (clearing out), i.e. removing all loose parts in the building so that it is empty.

In Frankfurt, buildings are constantly being demolished for new construction projects. Prominent examples of demolished high-rises are the eroded Zuerich High-Rise and Deutsche Bank High-Rise as well as the blown projects AEG High-Rise and AfE Tower.

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