Frankfurt at Night - Light Art NEO NOIR

The Frankfurt skyline at night is a spectacular photo motif for many photographers. In order to present the magic of this glowing scenery in a completely new way, the various buildings and details of the NEO NOIR series were individually photographed by means of long-term exposure. And then – inspired by the nocturnal Milky Way – they were reassembled into an abstract skyline. One motif focuses on the typical big city architecture, the other on the details of urban and cultural living space.


Formats: Photography and film

Cover: The large-format photo motifs are available individually or as a pair – for purchase or loan.

Artist: Thomas Gessner

Thomas Gessner is a member of the editorial staff of SKYLINE ATLAS.

NEO NOIR - The Film

NEO NOIR is an art staging of the Frankfurt skyline. The skyscrapers of the German metropolis are staged by clever composition and cast a spell over the viewer. The motifs for the film are taken from the NEO NOIR photo series carrying the same name.

The audiovisual realization of the motif brings the lights of the city to life in an experimental way. The sound design assigns an individual sound to each individual light. The background music reminiscent of the film Blade Runner gives the work a mystical and futuristic character. This work was presented at various exhibitions by means of projection.

To view the video clip NEO NOIR, please click on the icon at the bottom of the image to play it.

NEO NOIR - light art - skyscraper art - architecture art - skyline at night

(c) Thomas Gessner

Thomas Gessner at the Discovery Art Fair - Messe Frankfurt - in October 2020

Discovery Art Fair

Thomas Gessner presented NEO NOIR at various exhibitions, including the Discovery Art Fair. The Discovery Art Fair 2020 took place on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds under a special hygiene concept in view of the COVID 19 crisis.

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