UBM Development AG

UBM Development is an Austrian project developer headquartered in Vienna. Founded in 1873, the company today has approximately 350 employees. Especially in the last two decades, UBM has developed from a regional to an internationally active real estate company, which is mainly active in the residential, hotel and office sectors.  The portfolio covers all services of a project developer, starting with the planning up to the marketing of a building. Today, UBM is active in the core markets of Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. The company focuses in particular on real estate development in the metropolitan areas of Vienna, Frankfurt am Main and Prague.

In terms of sustainability, UBM strives to become the leading timber construction project developer in Europe. The company is based on two main principles:

  1. Green Building: All projects that UBM develops affect the climate. For this reason, the project developer focuses on environmentally friendly, innovative and energy-saving solutions, from design and realization to utilization and revitalization.
  2. Smart Office: UBM sees the use of technology as an opportunity. It should be ensured that the buildings can be individually adapted to the user experience while at the same time the operation is designed as efficiently as possible.

UBM Development has already realized several major projects in Germany, such as the Zalando headquarters in Berlin or the Mainzer Zollhafen. In Frankfurt, UBM is also currently developing two exciting properties in the Europaviertel with the F.A.Z. Tower and the Timber Pioneer. The latter underlines UBM‘s focus on timber hybrid buildings. A total of 1,500 cubic meters of spruce wood will be used for the Timber Pioneer, and the building shell is to be realized in a completely CO2-neutral manner.


FAZ Tower

The Timber Pioneer