Frankfurt 3D

Coming soon: A time machine to visualize high-rise developments. The screenshots show a not yet complete stage of development.The skyline has become an internationally recognized eyecatcher of Frankfurt. New skyscrapers are built every year and you can hardly recognize where exactly high-rise buildings are being built and planned. Computer animations of new high-rise towers are

What skyscrapers will there be in Frankfurt in the future?

Many high-rise buildings are being planned and announced in the Frankfurt city region. SKYLINE ATLAS is tracking the future of urban development by calling up all planned high-rise buildings and many future properties. More information about the future of skyscrapers, architecture in Frankfurt and urban development can be found here: Proposed high-rise buildings in Frankfurt

Planned High-rise Buildings Frankfurt

This page shows a current list of all currently planned high-rise buildings in the Frankfurt city region with more than 10 floors overground. The overview applies to the city of Frankfurt as well as the directly adjacent cities of Offenbach and Eschborn. The list is sorted in descending order by building height (and in descending