The Best Photo Locations With a View of the Skyline

Everyone knows the world-famous skyscraper skyline of Frankfurt from the media. When visiting Frankfurt, practically everyone instinctively picks up their cell phone to take at least a few snapshots for their loved ones, or to publish them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media channel. But even those who have a better camera are looking for the best photo locations in Frankfurt.

The SKYLINE ATLAS has therefore considered which places offer the best view of the high-rise buildings for photography and filming.

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Photographing the Frankfurt Skyline on the Banks of the Main River

You have a view of the skyscrapers of the Financial District from practically the entire bank of the Main river. However, there are a few tips to help you get the best shot:

  • The eastern part of the Main shore is best for taking photos (from Eiserner Steg bridge towards the European Central Bank).
  • If possible you should go to a bridge over the Main river, because then the reflection from the Main is also in the picture.
  • Photos look best at sunrise and sunset.
Skylineof Frankfurt (Germany) - Main river and its bridges - Financial District panorama
Photo location Frankfurt Main bridge - best skyline views - tip for blogging and vlogging - Insta tips Frankfurt

Unfortunately no longer an insider tip: on some evenings dozens of people romp around at some photo locations to photograph Frankfurt at sunset. The Deutschherrnbrücke bridge at the ECB is particularly popular with photographers. However, this railway bridge has a serious disadvantage when it comes to night shots: it vibrates significantly due to rail traffic and joggers, which is bad for long exposures or time-lapse shots.

The Top 10 Photo Locations in Frankfurt With Views of the Skyline

  • Viewing platform on the MAIN TOWER (Neue Mainzer Strasse) – costs involved
  • Frankfurt Cathedral Tower (Domplatz 1) – costs involved
  • Viewing terrace in the Foodtopia top floor – MyZeil shopping center (Zeil) – free of charge
  • Goethe Tower observation tower (from October 2020) – free of charge
  • Liebes Laube observation tower in the European District (Pariser Strasse 11) – free of charge
  • Roof of the parking garage Sandhofstrasse (Sandhofstrasse) – costs involved when enteringupon entry
  • Eiserner Steg lookout point (Eiserner Steg) – free of charge
  • Bridge at the main railway station (Camberger Strasse) – free of charge
  • Roof of Galeria Kaufhof (Zeil) – free of charge
  • Park at Lohrberg (Friedrich-Heyer-Weg) – free of charge

In addition to the viewpoints, there are numerous restaurants with a view of the skyline and hotels with a view of the skyscrapers.

Weather and Time

It goes without saying that every subject looks better in good weather than in bad weather. Therefore, you should take your photo tour especially in good weather. The best photos are taken around an hour before sunrise or around an hour after sunset, also known as the “blue hour”. From this we calculate the best photo time on a daily basis as follows.

Blue hour in Frankfurt:
Sunrise: at 7:29 am
Sunset: at 6:58 pm

The current weather situation is available from Frankfurt on You can see the current weather in the city center at The Mainhattan Webcam also provides a spectacular time-lapse shot of the skyscraper skyline.

Mainhattan Webcam
Instagram Frankfurt Skypix 2016 - photo locations tips Frankfurt

Frankfurt Instagram Blogger

There are a lot of amateur photographers who regularly share photos of Frankfurt on Instagram and other social media. One of them is, for example, Sven with his Instagram channel sky.pix2016, whom we met here while photographing the skyline. Well-known Frankfurt Instagram hashtags are: #skylinefrankfurt #frankfurt #frankfurtammain #skylineatlas #frankfurtcity #frankfurt_am_main #frankfurtmain #frankfurtblogger #frankfurtlove #welovefrankfurt #mainhattan.

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