Tower Y in Frankfurt

Tower Y in Frankfurt, Germany - planned highrise at Main river bank north
Floors: 23 above ground
Completion: 2026
Status: proposed

Tower Y Address

Wiesenhüttenstraße 10
City: Frankfurt
District: Gutleutviertel
Zone: Main Bank West

Location Rating

Score: 91 of 100
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Tower Y Rental

Phone: +49 69 173 269 391
Email: request via email

The former Union Investment high-rise will be revitalized and repositioned on the market under the new working title Tower Y. A residential tower was originally supposed to be built there, but these plans are now apparently off the table.

The project developer Groß & Partner acquired the Riverpark project in April 2021 via a subsidiary. According to the annual report of Groß & Partner, the former Union Invest building is to be revitalized and modernized. The working title for the building is Tower Y and completion is scheduled for 2026.

The final type of use has not yet been determined, but realization as an office building is likely and the coordination of the concept with the city has started and a first building application is to be submitted in 2022.