Riverpark Tower in Frankfurt

Riverpark Tower in Frankfurt (Nordbank des Main)
Floors: 23 above ground
Height: 95.00 m
Status: never built
Usage: residential

Riverpark Tower Address

Wiesenhüttenstraße 10
City: Frankfurt
District: Gutleutviertel
Zone: Main Bank West

Location Rating

Score: 91 of 100
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Riverpark Tower Rental

Phone: +49 69 173 269 391
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The RIVERPARK Tower was planned to transform the former office high-rise of Union Investment during a major renovation into an extraordinary landmark and residential tower with premium units and a boarding house, but it will not be constructed. With its spectacular open architecture, star architect Ole Scheeren was said to implement his first project in Germany. Project development was originally being planned by the GEG German Estate Group AG, Frankfurt.

The RIVERPARK Tower was intended to have 23 floors: on the ground floor, the two separate lobby areas lead directly to the boarding house, made up of around 100 apartments in the first five upper floors, and to the 120 to 130 properties that occupy the other 17 upper floors.

Status December 2022: Groß & Partner acquired the Riverpark project in April 2021 via a subsidiary. According to the annual report by Groß & Partner, the former Union Investment building is to be revitalized and modernised. The new working title for the building is Tower Y and completion is scheduled for 2026. The final type of use has not yet been determined, but realization as an office building is likely and the coordination of the concept with the city has started and a first building application is to be submitted in 2022.

Tower Y in Frankfurt, Germany - proposed design for a new high-rise building to be completed by 2026

Status June 2021: As SKYLINE ATLAS learned from several independent sources that the Riverpark Tower project was apparently sold to the project developer Groß & Partner. According to reports, the project developer seem to plan office space there. This means that the realization of the Riverpark Tower in its previously known form is unlikely to happen. A complete demolition of the original high-rise complex is more likely.

Status April 2020: According to the City of Frankfurt, the building permit for the Riverpark Tower/Riverpark Suites project is as follows: Change of use on the 2nd to 6th floor (1. OG to 5.OG) from offices into a accommodation facility with 200 guest beds, on the 7th to 18th floor (6.OG to 17.OG) from offices into 93 apartments, dismantling of 3 technical floors, construction of 5 floors with 24 apartments as well as internal conversions on the ground floor and in the basement, closing of escape balconies and production of balconies on the upper floors with facade changes to a high-rise with apartments and accommodation.

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  1. admin say: 2 years ago Reply

    SKYLINE ATLAS has learned of delays in the project. For example, the real estate agent does not mention prices or notary appointments to customers despite them having pre-reserved a unit. The involved developer and real estate agent declined to comment.

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