FOUR Frankfurt

Four Frankfurt Skyline Towers

Four high-rise buildings named FOUR Frankfurt will be built on the former site of the Deutsche Bank, and will form a new, urban quarter. Two of the towers are planned for living space, with areas for office and commercial use. Due to its special location in the middle of the skyline, adjacent to shopping and pedestrian zones of the city centre, the project has the potential to create a unique form of cosmopolitan urbanity in Germany. This is the result of an urban development competition, which the owner of the site, Groß & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH had promised in November 2015.

The aim of the contest was to develop urban solutions for a versatile, lively neighbourhood. At the meeting of the Competition Comittee on March 9 2016, two awards were given, chaired by Professor Gatermann. The architects 3XN from Copenhagen and Raumwerk from Frankfurt were pleased about the recognition. The second prize was won by the Berlin architects, Max Dudler. The winner of the design was UN Studio from the Netherlands.

Two office towers, two residential towers - an urban mix

The project, Four Frankfurt is given particular architectural importance by the planned 228-meter-high main tower of the district. In the immediate vicinity of Commerzbank Tower, OmniTurm and MAIN TOWER, a new skyscraper with 59 storeys will rise – a new highlight to the Frankfurt skyline. This skyscraper was already set out in the high-rise development plan of the City of Frankfurt. The two residential towers next to it are new, and together will provide space for more than 600 apartments. In addition, there will be a children’s playground, two hotels and a wide range of gastronomy and retail.

“We are very grateful that we have the opportunity to develop such an exciting and versatile project in our hometown,” says Jürgen Groß, owner and CEO of Groß & Partner, “And we look forward to having our fellow citizens partake in the vision for this place soon. We are convinced that this project will be an enrichment for the inner city and the whole of Frankfurt. There will be no comparable situation in any other German city, and the project will also attract international attention” added Jürgen Groß.

The contributions from all architects to FOUR Frankfurt were publicly displayed in May 2016, in conjunction with a presentation of the neighbourhood and the future name for the area.

By the year 2021, the construction work on the foundation will take place. The public will see the actual towers rising from 2021 onwards. Completion of the skyscrapers is planned for 2023/2024. The current project names of the four individual high-rise buildings of FOUR Frankfurt are according to the official statement of Groß & Parner T1, T2, T3, and T4. The project names Terra, Ignis, Aqua and Aer are no longer used.

Tower 1: 228 meters (office)
Tower 2: 173 meters (residential, serviced apartments)
Tower 3: 120 meters (residential)
Tower 4: 100 meters (office)

From spring 2020 the FOUR Lounge will be opened on the nearby Goetheplatz. This presentation room will provide information about the construction work on the FOUR Frankfurt project and also present show apartments whose interior design was created by Ippolito Fleitz.

Status November 2019: The soil stabilization wall is being constructed around the entire FOUR construction site as a construction pit shoring. This 25 to 40 meter deep steel-concrete wall protects the area from the enormous ground pressure of the neighbouring high-rise buildings in preparation for special foundation engineering. For some time now, around 380 foundation piles have also been drilled.

Before going down five storeys, the entire construction site is given a concrete cover to reinforce the shoring. The basement floors of the FOUR will then be realized via recesses in the concrete cover and will be finished 20 meters below the surface with the floor slab.

4Frankfurt - FOUR Frankfurt construction site - new skyscrapers in Frankfurt by Gross und Partner - Banking District Towers as of August 2019
FOUR Frankfurt - Skyscrapers Deutsche Bank Areal - Frankfurt - Project developer Groß und Partner
The former office area of the Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt - here are the towers of FOURFRANKFURT arise. As of October 2018.

Status August 2018: As the developer Groß und Partner reports, HR Group signed a 25 years lease for running a Hyatt House hotel in the 173 meter tall residential skyscraper of FOUR Frankfurt. It will be housed on floor level 11 to 19. Expected opening is the year 2023.

FOUR Frankfurt - Skyscrapers at the former Deutsche Bank area - Design by UN Studio, Amsterdam

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