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Tribes Frankfurt - Coworking in Frankfurt

The company Tribes Inspiring Workplaces operates innovative coworking spaces in several countries. In a Tribes coworking center, companies and self-employed individuals can rent office space with numerous amenities. Aside from their physical and technical facilities, the focus at Tribes is on feeling good. Each location follows a particular design theme, and social exchanges with other users help office tenants feel at home. Tenants also appreciate offers such as free tea, coffee, and herbal water.

After the first Tribes location opened in The Netherlands in May 2015, Tribes expanded quickly with 16 additional Netherlands locations, four in Belgium, and three in Germany. In addition to Düsseldorf, there are now two locations in Frankfurt with a third planned for the beginning of 2021.

Demand for flexible offices is increasing in Germany. “The stationary office is history”, predicts Eduard Schaepman, managing director and founder of Tribes. The modern labor market in Germany demands greater flexibility from employees and employers. This is exactly what the Tribes coworking concept specializes in.

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces - Just another day at the office - Tribes CEO Eduard Schaepman jumps off a wooden tower, a ceremony typical for the Vanuatu tribe
Tribes logo - Flexible office space for rent by Tribes in modern coworking centers
Motto of Tribes: We go where the business is.
House of Tribes - Open Space Café for Business People - Coworking Center Frankfurt Germany
Tribes Coworking Frankfurt - A high quality of interior design makes the co-working centers ideal for business nomads

Design of Coworking Spaces

All Tribes locations have a similar concept. Each interior design focuses on a specific nomadic tribe. Smaller or larger offices can be rented for a shorter or longer period, depending on the user’s needs.

There is also an open space called the House of Tribes, designed like a hip café. This space can be accessed with a business card allowing 10 visits or when you are a resident tenant. There is also a separate Tribal Table where users can go just to talk or to do work.

Tribes Frankfurt Central Station

Address: Neue Mainzer Strasse 46–50, Frankfurt

In the center of the Financial District, the Tribes Frankfurt Garden Tower location opened in 2018 as the first location of Tribes in the German financial city. Since then the facility has grown continuously, now renting office space on several floors. The highest is the 18th floor (17. OG), with a fabulous view over Frankfurt in almost all directions.

Thematically, the location follows the nomadic Dukha tribe from Mongolia and parts of Siberia. The Dukha live in small groups and roam around with reindeer. They are known for their special connection with the animals that accompany them for a lifetime.

In the Garden Tower, Tribes customers can find many different offices and 4 meeting rooms at their choice. There are also several conference rooms on the ground floor, which can be expanded in several sections for up to 150 visitors.

Garden Tower Frankfurt - in the heart of the financial distrct - Frankfurt CBD Coworking at Neue Mainzer Strasse - coworking tower with views over the city
Tribes Garden Tower Frankfurt - A representative entrance area of the coworking center in the Frankfurt CBD
Coworking with skyline view - Panorama views over the city of Frankfurt and the Financial District
Tribes Frankfurt Garden Tower - lobby and hallway
Basler Oval Office Building in Frankfurt - Location of Tribes - Baseler Strasse 10 in Frankfurt
Tribes logo at the facade of an office building - rental coworking offices
Oval am Basler Platz - entrance area - coworking Frankfurt - Tribes Central Station Frankfurt
Tribes Frankfurt Central Station - Coworking Office for rent - flexible offices

Tribes Frankfurt Central Station

Address: Basler Strasse 10, Frankfurt

The second Frankfurt location was also established in 2018, but this time near the main train station: Tribes Frankfurt Central Station. The chic designer building can be reached conveniently by train, subway, or tram. The Frankfurt Main Station is only a 2 minute walk away.

The location at Baseler Platz is based on a Vanuatu tribal theme. Vanuatu has an amazingly rich culture with many special customs, but one literally towers above all others: land diving, the forerunner of modern bungee jumping. Land divers celebrate the yam harvest and gain prestige through a ceremonial leap from a tall wooden tower. And it is precisely this fearlessness that drives many of Tribes’ customers.

It’s not just the Vanuatu theme that casts a spell on users and visitors. The location also scores with its excellent accessibility, 25 office units, 5 meeting rooms, and distributed open spaces.

Tribes Frankfurt Marienforum

Adress: Mainzer Landstrasse 1, Frankfurt

A third branch is currently planned: Tribes Frankfurt Marienforum, a coworking space on Mainzer Landstrasse, is set to open soon in the immediate vicinity of well-known high-rise buildings such as Trianon and Deutsche Bank.

The details of the new coworking location are kept largely secret. However, it is already known that Tribes will occupy areas on the ground floor and 8th floor, with views over the nearby Financial District and beyond.

Marienforum Frankfurt Mainzer Landstrasse - Frankfurt CBD - Central Business District Coworking Center of Tribes
Nomad tribes are a design motto of Tribes for the coworking centers

Inspired by Tribes of the World

The Tribes coworking concept was inspired by 34 indigenous nomadic tribes around the world. Business nomads, i.e. the people who come to work at Tribes, form the so-called 35th tribe. These “tribesmen” benefit from a unique working environment at Tribes.

Indigenous tribes inspired the Tribes brand, and Tribes inspires modern business nomads by providing “inspiring workplaces” today. These workplaces are each unique, surprising, and support users’ creativity. Each Tribes location is a special place with its own theme derived from a particular tribe.

Michael Xanthakos (site manager of Tribes in Frankfurt) shows the nomadic tribes of the world, after which Tribes was inspired

Innovative and Awarded

Tribes has received many awards in the last five years for company growth and for creating innovative working environments. For example, the modern office concept was named ‘Best National Flex Workplace‘ several times, received the ‘Coworkers Choice Award‘, the ‘Game Changer Award‘, the ‘Challenger Award‘, and many more nominations including ‘Scale-Up of the Year‘.

Coworking kitchen with Herbal Water: The self-brewed soft drink is available at all Tribes locations in changing flavors (here: water/mint/chilli)
Innovative interior is part of the concept