High-rise project ‘ONE’ (former project name: ‘Tower One’) is built near the exhibition grounds. The design is from MEURER ARCHITEKTUR + STADTPLANUNG and the developer is CA Immo. A building has been developed that, on the one hand, has a minimalist conciseness, similar to a classic brand logo, but it can also be expected to have a high degree of economic efficiency in production and operation. The characteristic shape of the tower gives it high prominence in the cityscape of Frankfurt.

One is developed as a polygonal disk with a distinctive head formation in the main axis. The adjoining building, with a main function as a parking garage, is added to it as a supplement. Together, they form two trapezoid-shaped city squares, which open towards the city like a funnel.

The lower 14 floors are used as a hotel with restaurant and conference areas, and the upper floors are designed as office space. There is a shared lobby on the 15th / 16th floors. A co-working area and a skybar at 190 meters form the backbone and urban heart of the building.

Upon its completion, ONE will become the sixth tallest building in the city after MAIN TOWER.

ONE GOOD IDEA - ONE skyscraper in Frankfurt - Skyscraper in Europaviertel Frankfurt at Skyline Plaza - August 2019
ONE skyscraper in Frankfurt - under construction in April 2019 - office tower by CA Immo
ONE Frankfurt - skyscraper - skyscraper Frankfurt - under construction

Status October 2018: The official groundbreaking ceremoney took place.

Status March 2018: Excavation works for the foundations of the skyscraper have not yet started.

TOWER ONE Frankfurt - highrise - March 2018 - construction site

Status October 2017: The building fence has been set up, but the construction work is moving slowly.

ONE - Baustelle September 2017

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