Frankfurt Skyscraper Master Plan 2021 - masterplan for new highrise locations in Frankfurt, Germany - including the Campanile tower - ECB aerial

Two Planning Teams Are Working on a New High-Rise Master Plan

The development of the updated high-rise master plan is picking up speed. The City of Frankfurt was able to formally assign the processing of the urban planning concepts to two teams of architecture and planning offices.

These are 03 Architekten GmbH and Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH with EBP Schweiz AG and AS + P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH with AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH. The two planning teams are separated, but the urban planning studies are carried out in exchange with one another. The starting shot for the actual work on the “2021 Update of the Frankfurt High-Rise Master Plan” – that is the official name – was given by the Head of Planning Mike Josef at a planning preparion colloquium.

“After a thorough preparation and analysis process, we decided to concentrate the further high-rise development on the revision, renewal and densification of clearly defined existing clusters and locations that are very well served by local public transport,” says Josef. “This results in the focus of the detailed urban planning investigation on the sub-areas of the Financial District and western bank of the Main river as well as Danziger Platz with the ECB and the East Harbor Entrance. I am very confident that the current situation offers the opportunity to think about the further development of our skyline in peace. ”

The update of the high-rise master plan thus takes a small-scale perspective, which involves a look at the existing structure and its development and the discussion of a very manageable number of new locations. Important public places are deliberately located within the examination rooms, which of course should not be built on; for example Willy-Brandt-Platz with the municipal theaters, Danziger Platz, or the Wallanlagen.

The positive urban development impulses of the Frankfurt high-rise development planning of the past two decades are to be further developed. This includes not only the targeted shaping of a skyline by high-rise groups and deliberately set different heights and shapes, but also an improved mix of uses with previously unusual cultural or social uses. The expansion of residential use should not only take place in the ground floors and spiers, but in the entire base zone. This also includes the upgrading and greening of public spaces as well as the revitalization of street areas, the protection of the neighboring urban quarters, and the use of the potential of public transport. Shading, climatological concerns, and the improvement of the ecological situation as well as the modalities of the approval of high-rise projects – i.e. competing procedures, development plans and urban development contracts – are also taken into account.

“It is our wish to create an urban development quality leap on this basis. High-rise buildings can only be justified by creating added value in terms of urban development, ”says City Councilor Josef. “This includes an ambitious opening of high-rise buildings across the entire base, which enables effective interlocking with the adjacent streets, squares and parks. In addition to additional living space, the small-scale mix must also include cultural and social infrastructure such as schools and daycare centers. ”

According to Josef, the selected planning teams represent urban development and urban development in which the overall urban structure is in the foreground. Both have great experience with conceptual high-rise planning. “This is important because we need a fresh look at our city and the areas where high-rise clusters are already located or are being developed,” Josef is convinced. The draft processing should be completed by the end of April 2021.

Frankfurt High-Rise Master Plan 2021 - Development Clusters for new Skyscrapers

Official plans for the upcoming modification of the High-Rise Master Plan for 2021:

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