Schindler: Leading Elevator Manufacturer from Switzerland

The Schindler Group is a Swiss company based in Ebikon in the canton of Lucerne, which has been active in the construction and maintenance of elevators and escalators for over 140 years. With over 69,000 employees in more than 100 countries, Schindler is one of the world’s largest and therefore leading companies in the elevator industry.

The company was founded in 1874 by Robert Schindler and expanded to Germany in 1906. The headquarters of the German subsidiary is in Berlin, where the first elevators were produced in 1907. Schindler Germany now employs 4,000 people at 70 locations. The portfolio includes passenger elevators, special and freight elevators, as well as escalators and moving walks. In addition, Schindler offers professional maintenance, including digital services, and modernization of its products. The spectrum of buildings that Schindler equips with its elevators and escalators ranges from residential and commercial buildings to hotels or shopping centers. A special feature here is the large number of high-rise buildings, which include Germany’s tallest in the banking district or the Europaviertel in Frankfurt am Main.

Special Innovations from Schindler

Schindler plays in the premier league when it comes to new products and innovations. One of these is Schindler PORT technology. Among other things, this records the number of people in the building and calculates the most efficient route to the destination in the building for each building user. The elevators can be called from outside the building and are therefore automatically part of the access control system. The system consists of the PORT Elevator (destination call control) and the PORT Access (access control as well as intercom). With the Schindler myPORT app, residents or employees of a building can access a wide range of functions that are continuously being expanded.

Schindler - Aufzug - PORT - Service

Schindler has also launched a standardized solution for the elevator shaft made of wood and, in an interdisciplinary team, has developed an assembly system for elevators based on a standard fastening system used in wood construction, which was certified in 2021. The system is suitable for almost all types of wood used in construction with different strengths.

As elevators are of particular importance during the construction process, especially for high-rise buildings, the company has also developed the Climb Lift, which transports people and materials upwards during the construction process and grows step by step with the high-rise building. In addition to a faster mode of operation, the Climb represents a logistically outstanding solution, especially on very narrow construction sites – for example in a high-rise crowd – as large construction cranes can be avoided.

Schindler - Climb - Baustelle - Basel

Construction site with Climb Lift

schindler - aufzug - holzschacht

Wood elevator shaft

Reference Objects

With its high-rises, the Frankfurt skyline is predestined for a variety of different elevator types and services from Schindler. In addition to state-of-the-art elevators with speeds of up to 25km/h, Schindler-PORT is used, for example, in the Messeturm and the Omniturm. The Taunus Tower and the two Deutsche Bank towers also feature 14 and 22 elevators, respectively. In addition, the Pollux high-rise and the City-Haus are among the high-rise buildings that Schindler has equipped with elevators. Other reference properties in Frankfurt also include the airport’s terminal 3, which is currently under construction. Outside Frankfurt’s borders, Schindler‘s repertoire includes other future high-rise buildings: These include the Estrel Tower, which will shine in Berlin in 2024 as Germany‘s tallest hotel. It will be joined by the Elbtower in Hamburg, which will be the third-highest high-rise in Germany at 245 meters when it is completed.