Schindler Climb - The Elevator growing with the Skyscraper

Elevators are of fundamental importance for high-rise buildings not only in their finished state but also during the construction process. The elevator manufacturer Schindler Aufzüge has developed a special solution for this with the Climb Lift. The Climb lifts people and materials upwards during the construction process and grows step by step with the high-rise building. Logistically, this is the solution for very narrow construction sites, for example in a high-rise crowd, as large construction cranes can be avoided. Other advantages of the Climb Lift include:

  • Increased work safety
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Improved construction site logistics
  • All-weather operation
  • Earlier closing of the facade
  • Higher productivity

The Climb is a Multi-Talent for Modern High-Rise Construction

The Schindler Climb is as safe as a normal elevator. It complies with all current international elevator standards and guarantees safe transportation. It also enables faster transport of people and materials than an ordinary outdoor elevator. With a speed of up to 5 meters per second, the Climb Lift can transport a load of up to 5000 kg, reaching a height of 500 meters.

Since the elevator is located in the center of the building, the transport of people and materials is efficient from the very beginning. The vertical transport system is located in a dry and windproof shaft and is therefore less exposed to external weather conditions. Work is therefore not affected by disruptive weather conditions. A specific building shape and façade design thus also has no influence on the use of the Climb. Last but not least, the elevator can be used 24 hours a day, so that materials can also be transported during night shifts. Ultimately, the Climb leads to a more productive construction pace and earlier completion of a high-rise building. A good example of this is the Omni Tower in Frankfurt’s banking district.

What is the Structure of the Transport System?

5 Crash Deck
The watertight crash deck protects the Schindler Climb and people working underneath from falling objects.

4 Lifting Platform
In self-climbing mode, the lifting platform can transport people and goods independently of the tower crane. It lifts itself up via a special suspension point on the crash deck.

3 Assembly platform (optional)
Between the lifting platform and the machine platform there is a protected platform for the installation of guide rails, landing doors and other components of the elevator shaft.

2 Machine Platform
The machine platform contains the elevator machine and controls. It is raised either by the tower crane or by the optional lifting platform.

1 Elevator Car
Below the machine platform is the permanent elevator car, which is provided with temporary protective cladding.

Schindler Climb Lift Illustration

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