Schindler's fastest Elevators

Schindler is the largest elevator manufacturer in Germany and has equipped some of the tallest high-rise buildings in Frankfurt with its elevators. Various models are used in the process. The height of the building in particular determines which elevator is most suitable.

Passenger elevators are faster than freight elevators and are designed for higher buildings, i.e. high-rise buildings or skyscrapers. Ultra-modern Schindler elevators can be found in the Messeturm, the Omniturm or Taunusturm, among others. Passenger elevators are divided into the following models:

  • Schindler 3000 – This type can travel at speeds of 3.6 to 5.8 hm/h and reach up to 60m of headroom.
  • Schindler 5500 – An elevator of this series is much faster with 3.6 to 10.8 hm/h and up to 150m headroom.
  • Schindler 7000 – This elevator is Schindler’s “speed star” as it can travel 9 to 29km/h fast. This also allows it to reach heights of up to 450m.

The 7000er


Elevator 5500

Type 2600

Freight and goods elevators are used, among other things, in the catering sector, in shopping centers or hospitals and are slower than passenger elevators. Here, too, there are different models:

  • Schindler 2200 – This type of elevator can carry up to 300kg of goods and reaches speeds of 0.5 to 1.4km/h.
  • Schindler 2600 – Here we are talking about heavy loads up to 4000kg. The elevator reaches speeds between 2.8 and 5.7km/h.

Schindler's Elevators in Frankfurt's High-Rises

In Frankfurt am Main, these different types of elevators are found in a large number of buildings and high-rises. However, Schindler not only provides elevators in some properties, but is also responsible for the complete service. This includes, for example, security systems or access control. The Schindler PORT elevator and access control system has been developed for this purpose. This consists of PORT Elevator (destination call control) and PORT Access (access control and intercom). These technologies are used, for example, in the Messeturm and the Omniturm.

Omniturm - Aufzüge - 7000er - Büroetagen

7000 series elevators in the Omni Tower

The Taunusturm also has 14 elevators from the 7000-series and five from the 5500-series. There are 22 7000-series elevators in the two Deutsche Bank Towers, eleven in Tower A and eleven in Tower B, with two 2200-series elevators installed in the former.