Schindler’s High-performance Elevators in the Omni Tower

The Omni Tower in Frankfurt’s banking district, which will be completed in 2019, is equipped with state-of-the-art elevator technology. The Schindler company has installed 11 high-performance 5500 and 7000 series elevators here and is also responsible for the Schindler-PORT elevator and access control system. This system also enables the number of people in the building to be continuously updated. The owner of the mixed-use high-rise building Commerz Real and the operator Tectareal made it possible for SKYLINE ATLAS to inspect the elevator systems in the Omni Tower. For this purpose, Schindler engineer Eric Silbernagel led a tour through the high-rise building. The tour provided exciting insights into the building’s elevator technology, installations and safety systems.


Eric Silbernagel explained that Schindler received the order for the Omni Tower from Tishman Speyer, among others, because the company offers special elevator types that greatly simplify installation during construction. Here, among other things, there is the Climb lift, which grows with the building and is also used as a lift during construction. At a terminal in the meeting room, it was possible to directly call a 7000 elevator, whose arrival time was also given. With these terminals, even more is possible: It is also possible to see who is standing in front of the entrance below, furthermore, messages can be called up and telephone calls can be managed. The 7000 then took us down to the foyer of the tower at a speed of 25.2 km/h.


The elevators of the 7000 series in the foyer of the Onmi Tower


There are two foyers, as the apartments and offices in the Omni Tower are separated from each other and are also approached separately by the elevators. The elevators can also be called from outside already and are thus automatically part of the access control into the building. This consists of the PORT Elevator (destination call control) and the PORT Access (access control and intercom). The system also makes it possible to continuously update the number of people in the building.

A new app called “myPORT” is also in its final stages here, which will further simplify the interaction between elevator, access control and resident or employee.  In the foyer for the office days, there are access terminals where employees can check in.


A card can be used to activate and operate the terminal

To take a look at the engine rooms on the top floor of the Omni Tower, we rode up in a 7000 series freight elevator. This hangs from six massive ropes. As a freight elevator, the 7000 traveled much slower and also a bit shakier at 12 km/h. Once we reached the top, we were able to find out that the elevators are basically serviced every four times a year, but in the case of high-rise buildings, there are special teams in the vicinity.


Technical room of the 5500 series freight elevator


View into the technical room for the 7000s


The roof terrace has also left an impression

The last stop was at the entrance to the underground parking garage of the Omni Tower. In the underground parking garage, people can authorize themselves at a terminal using various methods. This can be done by card, QR code or even by camera and infrared sensor technology based on the license plate number. At the end of the tour, Eric Silbernagel explained to us that the GUI designs of the terminals in the elevators and apartments can be individually adapted to the corporate design of the building and that the technology behind this is continuously being further developed by Schindler. The talk was a good conclusion and the SKYLINE ATLAS was able to take away a lot of information. Thank you very much for the guided tour through one of the most exciting towers of the Frankfurt skyline.


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