Ceremonial Opening of Tower ONE

International real estate developer CA Immo opened its latest high-rise project, ONE, on September 8. The completion of the 190-meter high-rise was celebrated after four years of construction with a ceremony on one of the upper floors. Among those present were the Hessian Minister for Digital Strategy and Development, Prof. Dr. Kristina Sinemus, the Frankfurt City Councilor and Head of the Department for Planning, Housing and Sports, Mike Josef, and around 300 invited guests.

A special feature of ONE is the conceptual interlocking of public and private uses: A long-term lease has been signed for the lower 14 floors with the NH Hotel Group, which has opened a four-star superior hotel here under the lifestyle brand nhow, not previously located in Frankfurt. The coworking area, which covers around 7,000 square meters, was leased by Spaces and put into operation. The lobby with a Café́, a cocktail bar and a lounge is not only available to office tenants, coworkers and hotel guests on a shared basis, but also deliberately addresses external guests, making it an urban space. The highlight is the publicly accessible Skybar at a height of around 185 meters. It has a wrap-around terrace with a panoramic view of the skyline and the Taunus mountains that is unique in Frankfurt. The opening is scheduled for fall 2022.


nhow Hotel room


Skybar at a height of 185 meters

Rental already at over 75 Percent

The ONE has a gross floor area of 88,000 square meters, of which approximately 45,000 is office space. Floor area varies between 1,400 and 1,500 square meters. As of September 2022, 11 floors are still vacant, which corresponds to an occupancy rate of over 75 percent for the high-rise. In addition to more traditional high-rise tenants such as Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank and consulting firms Baker Tilly and KROONGARD GmbH, international game developer Cloud Imperium Games Ltd. has also signed a lease at ONE. It is noteworthy that more and more companies are also moving from the traditional banking district to ONE.

New Standards in Digitization and Sustainability

Digital Minister Kristina Sinemus emphasized in the run-up to the event: “Digitization should contribute to solving our climate and sustainability problem. CA Immo has taken a decisive and important step in this direction with the planning and construction of the ONE. It’s great that from now on, the ONE will enrich Frankfurt‘s skyline as a digital beacon.” In fact, the ONE was the first high-rise building in Central Europe to be awarded Smartscore certification in the highest Platinum category by Wiredscore. The entire building is equipped with digital meters (known as smart meters) as well as numerous sensors, whose data on energy and resource consumption, room occupancy and air quality are processed centrally. Tenants can view their own consumption data on a daily basis and optimize it in conjunction with a room utilization analysis. Aggregated and analyzed, the data is used for tenant and landlord sustainability monitoring and reporting.


During the planning of ONE, attention was paid from the outset to sustainable development and management of the building. In line with CA Immo‘s company-wide ESG strategy, the annual primary energy requirement is around 34 percent below the current legal requirements. The electricity required to manage the building is generated 100 percent from renewable energy sources.

So-called “green” lease agreements have been concluded with all office tenants at ONE. In these agreements, the contractual partners mutually commit to far-reaching measures to operate the building and office space in a way that is as sustainable as possible and conserves resources and the environment. These include agreements on the purchase of regeneratively generated energy, the creation of incentives for the preferred use of public transportation, and the use of resource-conserving and environmentally friendly materials in the construction of rental space.

CA Immo‘s total investment in ONE amounts to approximately € 430 million. The Group added the completed project to its own building portfolio in the summer, further strengthening the quality of its own real estate portfolio.

ONE Skybar Besuche 2022 - Frankfurt Immobilien

From left: Jakob Schickedanz (SKYLINE ATLAS), Matthias Winkelhardt (CA Immo), Dean Vukovic (SKYLINE ATLAS)

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