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Millennium Area Frankfurt - former Millennium Tower site - Proposed skyscrapers - Millennium Towers by CA Immo - Panorama of Frankfurt

In the European District, two new high-rise towers will be built on the Millennium Area, where the Millennium Tower was once proposed. Instead of one very high skyscraper, two new high-rise buildings will now be built, which together will fill the originally planned space.

The ensemble of buildings in the Millennium Area includes two skyscrapers and an associated perimeter block development.

The 67-storey tower will have a height of at least 260 meters (853 feet) and will accommodate offices and a hotel. In addition, a 43-storey, 150-meter (492 feet) residential tower is planned, which will contain both privately financed apartments and subsidized living space. This was made possible by the newly negotiated local development plan.

It should also be noted that the height of the two towers will probably be even higher than currently communicated. This is also indicated by the graphic of the towers, which contains a roof structure above the 260 meters mark.

Millennium Area - Skyscrapers - Planned High-Rise Buildings - Usage Distribution

The City of Frankfurt and the project developer CA Immo recently signed an urban development contract on the basis of which CA Immo launched an international architecture competition.

Accordingly, a process following the German Chamber of Architects guidelines for planning competitions (RPW 2013) should take place. There will be an open, single-stage invitation competition, including consultation and interim colloquium, on September 30, 2020. An experienced jury with 5 specialist judges and 4 material judges has been installed. The specialist judges are made up of architects, town planners, and representatives of the city of Frankfurt. The material judges are representatives of the City of Frankfurt and CA Immo.

The following offices were invited to submit competition entries:

  • 3XN Architects (Copenhagen)
  • Cobe (Copenhagen)
  • David Chipperfield Architects (London / Berlin)
  • Ferdinand Heide Architekt (Frankfurt)
  • Herzog de Meuron (Basel)
  • Ingenhoven Architects (Düsseldorf)
  • OMA (Rotterdam)
  • Schneider + Schumacher Architects (Frankfurt)

Further information: Architecture competition Millennium Area in PDF format (by CA Immo – only available in German)

Millennium Towers Planning and Construction

Status June 2021: SKYLINE ATLAS has been told that the jury will meet for consultation in September 2021 and that the results of the architectural competition will be presented at the end of the year 2021.

Frankfurt Millennium Towers - planned supertall skyscraper in Germany - CA Immo project - Millenium Tower - Construction site in May 2021

Status January 2021: The real estate developer CA Immo informed us on request that the work of the participants in the competition was submitted on time. Due to the current corona situation, the jury meeting was postponed to the end of April 2021. The results of the architecture competition can therefore only be expected for the end of April 2021 or even May 2021.

Millennium Tower Frankfurt - Construction site

Press Conference on September 30, 2020

A press conference took place on September 30, 2020, at which the city and the project developer provided details of the urban planning concept for the new towers and project development objectives. Mike Josef (Head of Planning) and Matthias Schmidt (Managing Director CA Immo Germany) were also present. The reporting on this is as follows:

Good morning, it’s 10:15 a.m. The press conference room in the Kap Europa conference center is slowly filling up.

Architectural Competition on Former Millennium Tower site - CA Immo
Kap Europa - press conference center

It’s 10:25. Now we’re starting.

Head of Planning Mike Josef speaks: The once proposed Millennium Tower is difficult to market due to construction costs, which is why the originally planned floor area will be split between two towers. An architecture competition has been initiated, and international design offices were invited on September 23, 2020. The results should be presented in early 2021.

There will be two towers on the Millennium site: the higher one 260 meters (853 feet) high, the lower one 150 meters (492). The taller tower is to be Germany’s tallest skyscraper – exactly 1.30 meters higher than the structural height of the Commerzbank Tower (258.7 meters/848.5 feet). The taller tower will also have a public viewing platform.

Josef continues: In the future, base floors of high-rise buildings are to be further revitalized. This is provided for in the future high-rise master plan. Basically, mixed-use towers are to be built in Frankfurt, which technically make it possible to plan for changes in use later (e.g. office to hotel).

CA Immo press conference on the Millennium site

Matthias Schmidt from CA Immo explains: The building application should not be submitted until 2023 at the earliest. “We plan a time horizon of eight to nine years.” He continues: “In future, office locations close to the city center will be in greater demand than locations on the outskirts.”

Schmidt adds: “We are aiming for investments in the high three-digit million euros. The exact amount depends on the competition outcome. “

Schmidt continues: “Home office will not replace the office, our experience shows. We continue to assume that there will be more demand for office space in the future. He adds: “We are facing further metropolitanization; many people want to live in big cities. ”

It is pointed out several times that the focus should be on the sustainability of project development.

The representation of the towers is non-binding and will change with the architectural competition. Only apartments are to be built in the lower tower (shown in green).

It’s 11:03. After questions from the audience, the press conference is over.

Interview with Prof. Jochem Jourdan

Prof. Jochem Jourdan is an architect and urban planner. From 1998 he presented two high-rise development plans for Frankfurt, which also examined the Millennium area as a high-rise location. The readers of SKYLINE ATLAS submitted questions that the renowned urban planner answered now.

Jochem Jourdan - Architect and city planner who worked on the skyscraper concepts for Frankfurts

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