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subsidized apartments in Frankfurt

Why are there no subsidized apartments in some properties?

It is (for good reasons) criticized that high-priced apartments are often being built in Frankfurt. However, this development was recognized many years ago by city politicians and they countered accordingly. Since 2014, that was the tenure of Planning Head Olaf Cunitz (The Greens), builders of larger construction projects have had to create at least 30% subsidized living space. This procedure was further specified in the building land decision in 2020.

But there are still large real estate projects emerging, including numerous residential towers where there are no subsidized apartments. The reason for this lies in the timing of these project developments. If a binding development plan for the corresponding building project has already been drawn up in the past, the City of Frankfurt can (unfortunately) no longer unilaterally negotiate it. Real estate projects that have a long development period thus have an economic advantage.

In the case of older, approved projects, the City of Frankfurt only has room to negotiate if the existing development plan is to be changed at the client’s request. In this case, the city government (SPD, CDU, Greens) has been insisting on the implementation of the 30% guideline since the tenure of Planning Head Mike Josef (SPD).

As a result, subsidized apartments will be created directly on the respective plots in all of the construction projects that have been renegotiated, such as FOUR Frankfurt, Das Praesidium, and the high-rise buildings on the Millennium site.

A general criticism of the lack of subsidized apartments in some current high-rise projects is therefore inappropriate because this circumstance can no longer be cured.

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