Skyper Hochhaus Frankfurt

Project ‘Skyper’ is a three-part building set at the station quarter of Frankfurt am Main at the corner of Taunusanlage and Taunusstraße. It consists of a neoclassical villa (“Skyper-Villa”) originally from 1915, a 153.8-meter high skyscraper (“Skyper-Hochhaus”) and a residential and commercial building (“Skyper-Carré”). The ensemble was created in its present form in the years 2002 to 2004.

The architectural design for the 480 million Euro project was commissioned by the Frankfurt-based architecture firm, JSK Architekten, and had been previously commissioned by Holzmann AG. The architects then implemented their approved design for the general contractor ABG and the new acquirer DekaBank. They bought the building with an open-ended real estate fund from the DekaImmobilien and after finishing in 2005, they moved into the lower floors as the main tenant.

The neoclassical listed villa from the year 1915 is connected to the building by a nine-meter high glass hall to the east. The villa, like the entire area, belonged to the construction company, Philipp Holzmann and was the headquarters of the board of directors. A residential and commercial building with 52 single and three-room apartments, as well as a shop floor on the ground floor supplements the building ensemble.

Across the street from the SKYPER Tower stands the Silver Tower.

SKYPER high-rise in Frankfurt - High resolution photo - High-quality image - Modern glass high-rise - SKYPER Tower

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