AfE Tower

The AfE Tower (AfE-Turm) was a 116-meter-tall high-rise used by Johann Wolfgang Goethe University. The AfE Tower belonged to the Bockenheim campus of the university and housed the offices and seminar rooms of the departments of Social Sciences, Educational Sciences and Psychology until March 2013. The abbreviation AfE refers to the "Department of Educational Science"

Great East

In the eastern part of Frankfurt, near Ostbahnhof and the European Central Bank, a new residential complex will be built consisting of a total of three buildings. The residential development comprises a total gross floor area (GFA) of 27,600 square meters (297,000 square feet) and bears the name Great East (formerly project name: Schwedler Trio).


Skyper is a three-part building set at the Bahnhofsviertel district of Frankfurt at the corner of Taunusanlage and Taunusstrasse. It consists of a neoclassical villa (Skyper Villa) originally from 1915, a 153.8-meter high skyscraper (Skyper Tower) and a residential and commercial building (Skyper Carré). The ensemble was created in its present form in the years

Peter Feldmann

The challenges in the City of Frankfurt over the Next Fifteen Years Mayor Peter Feldmann in conversation with the SKYLINE ATLAS Michael Wutzke: Mr. Feldmann, as Lord Mayor of the City of Frankfurt am Main, you are at the cutting edge for meeting the problems and demands of a modern city. The topics are now