Marienturm in Frankfurt

The Marienturm is a 155-meters (508 feet) tall high-rise, currently being built in the banking district. It belongs to project Marieninsel, which still contains a 40-meter high office building called Marienforum on the Mainzer Landstrasse. The location is a “prominent place” which closes a “gap” between the new high-rise of Credit Suisse and the T1 (Taunusanlage 1). The city administration hopes to revive the quarters, which have so far been almost empty in the evenings and weekends, in the heart of the city.

Over a total of 57,400 square meters of rental space, we can see offices, several stores, restaurants, a gym and a children’s day centre. To this end, a publicly accessible square is to be erected between the Marienturm (38 storeys) and the Marienforum (10 storeys). The design comes from the architectural office of Müller Reimann Architekten.

According to the Bloomberg news service, investment bank, Goldman Sachs is to have approximately 10,000 square meters of floor space on the top floors.

Status at the end of June 2018: The Marienturm approaches its final height. The facade is mounted on more than half of the building height.

Marienturm in Frankfurt - June 2018 - skyscraper under construction - CBD

Status April 2018: The Marienturm exceeded a height of 110 meters (360 feet). Its final height will be 155 meters (508 feet), like displayed in the following image on the left side.

Marienturm skyscraper Germany - under construction in April 2018

Status February 2018: Marienturm has passed the neighboring high-rise buildings in terms of height.

Marienturm Marieninsel February 2018 - skyscraper high-rise - under construction

Status December 2017: The first 15 floors of Marienturm were built.

Marienturm in December 2017
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