Grand Tower

(c) Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie. Architektur

The tallest residential building in Germany

The Grand Tower is a turning point in the German market for high-rise buildings. The tower was designed by Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie and developed by GSP. The Grand Tower is set to become Germany’s tallest residential tower with a height of 172 meters. This skyscraper stands out against everything that has previously been built in Germany in terms of residential towers.

The slender building shape, combined with the large, bodied depth of the window fronts creates an exposed set of floor plans. The design of the façade, which is reminiscent of large window fronts, allows airy and bright living. It also offers an impressive view, both in the east for the Frankfurt skyline, and in the west for the Taunus. On all floors, there are loggias, balconies or terraces that belong to the apartments, whereby the honeycomb structure provides additional privacy, wind and sun protection. The Grand Tower was intentionally designed in such a way that no pure northern habitations are created and thus, in every situation a high level of accommodation comfort is ensured. Construction of the Grand Tower in the Gallus District began at the end of 2016.

In direct vicinity of the Grand Tower, the skyscrapers The Spin, EDEN and ONE are constructed by 2021.

Grand Tower in Frankfurt - Tallest skyscraper in Germany for living - Germany's tallest residential tower - condo tower Frankfurt - Apartments Tower
Photo Grand Tower Frankfurt - Architect Magnus Kaminiarz - Project developer GSP Städtebau - Wohnturm - Germany's tallest high-rise apartment building - construction site in August 2019
Grand Tower in the Europaviertel Frankfurt, Germany - apartments - condo tower - skyscraper - under construction in May 2019
Grand Tower in the Europaviertel (European District) in Frankfurt, Germany - apartments - condo tower - skyscraper
Grand Tower in Frankfurt - construction site - facade construction works
Grand Tower - skyscraper Frankfurt - construction site at night
Güterplatz in Frankfurt - a new cluster of skyscrapers is constructed here next to the Skyline Plaza shopping center - Grand Tower - The Spin - EDEN
Grand Tower - The tallest residential tower in Germany (August 2018)

Status August 2018: Grand Tower has reached its full height of 172 m.

Status March 2018: The facade elements are being assembled and are now mounted beyond the 10th floor. The following image illustrates how tall the Grand Tower will grow: up to the 47th floor!

Grand Tower - the tallest residential skyscraper in Germany - March 2018 - under construction

Status February 2018: The Grand Tower is beginning to become visible in several parts of the city from far away (for example, you can now see it from the Main river shore).

Condo Tower Frankfurt - Residential high-rise building in Frankfurt - Grand Tower - February 2018

Status August 2017: The staircase structure has been erected up to the 10th floor. The first three floors are currently being built.

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