Kaiserlei district - skyscraper development area between Offenbach and Frankfurt

Kaiserlei is to become a high-rise district

Anyone driving from the neighboring city of Offenbach to Frankfurt will also pass the Kaiserlei district. The city limits of Frankfurt and Offenbach meet in the Kaiserlei area. The city limits are so irregular here that it is difficult to say which area belongs to one or the other city. Actually, the two cities should be one anyway.

The Kaiserlei district, where the A 661 motorway runs, is intended for trade and services. Kaiserlei is yet only partially developed: there is a mature development to the east of the A 661, but buildings have only been developed in large parts west of the motorway in the last 10 years. With the increasing demand for building land in the Rhein-Main Area, new development impulses came to the area around the former Kaiserlei Roundabout (Kaiserleikreisel), which is currently replaced by a set of streets and street crossings.

Kaiserlei east of the A 661 Motorway

Numerous large office buildings have been built in the east of the A 661 motorway many years ago. Areas that have been idle for decades are now being developed (this includes in particular the Goethequartier, where around 330 apartments will be created by Nassauische Heimstätte from Frankfurt by 2021, as well as the new office building for the AXA insurance company).

In addition, the New Frankfurt Towers will be built here, a residential complex that will result from the complete renovation of the former Siemens high-rise buildings. Part of the aforementioned complex, also called Vitopia Kampus, is a Best Western Hotel by Macrander Hotel Group. Additional office buildings are planned at this location, especially around Nordkap.

Kaiserlei west of the A 661 Motorway

A long time ago there was a developed development north of Strahlbergerstrasse. But the real estate portfolio was getting old and was empty for a long time. That is changing now. For example, the former Areva site is currently being renovated as the new Main Park and will be used by Helaba from 2020.

Hotels in particular are located here due to their convenient location and comparatively low costs. Development was initiated by the Delta Marriott Hotel (formerly known as Scandic Crown, Golden Tulip, New Century). The Leonardo Hotel was built on the site of the former Honeywell complex in 2020. And by 2022, a 7 Days Premium hotel will be developed by Eyemaxx at Kaiserleistrasse 55. Additionally, The X will be the fourth hotel at this location.

Most often, existing office buildings are converted and given a new purpose. However, new real estate complexes were also built from the south south of Strahlbergerstrasse, such as:

  • AlphaHaus (2002),
  • Hyundai’s European Headquarters (2006, expanded in 2014),
  • Mercedes-Benz Frankfurt/Offenbach branch (2016).

To the west there is currently a huge wasteland, over a hundred meters long, on which a multi-purpose arena and other buildings are also planned.

Kaiserlei is said to become Canary Wharf

In the meantime, the Mayor of Offenbach, Felix Schwenke (SPD), is never tired of formulating his ideas for the Kaiserlei district. He told the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper that he preferred urban plots of land, that were created and sold as a result of the demolition of the Kaiserlei roundabout, as high-rise sites.

Because of plans by the City of Offenbach, a number of high-rise buildings will be added there in the next few years. For this purpose, the city has worked out a framework plan for the Kaiserlei area together with the City of Frankfurt. Five new high-rise buildings between 75 and 110 meters high are now planned and for five buildings with a height of up to 45 meters.

Canary Wharf skyscrapers in London

London’s Canary Wharf is now a role model for the Kaiserlei district.

Mayor Schwenke now wants to develop the Kaiserlei district into a “Canary Wharf”. The London office district Canary Wharf with its high-rise towers is also located some distance from “the city”, the financial district.

Whether Offenbach’s high-rise wishes come true for this area will certainly depend to a large extent on getting investors and office tenants excited about the location.

A first step would be to locate a larger supermarket in the Kaiserlei area.

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