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City-Haus on Platz der Republik is higher than expected

SKYLINE ATLAS regularly reviews archives and historical materials about buildings in Frankfurt. During such research we became aware of an article in the magazine Beton- und Stahlbetonbau from July 1975. In the article, written by Dipl-Ing. Raman Kürkchübasche, Consulting Engineer VBI, the structural design of Hochhaus Platz der Republik (today called City-Haus) was described in more detail.

As can be seen from the report, City-Haus has a setback on the inner roof caused by the high-rise core. The official height for this high-rise core is given in the text section as 142.80 meters (468 feet). This building height is thus almost one meter higher than the heights of 142 meters and 142.10 meters mentioned in many publications (CTBUH, Wikipedia, Emporis).

We therefore can say: The height of City-Haus is 142.80 meters (468 feet).

As a result, City-Haus passed FBC tower in the list of Frankfurt’s tallest skyscrapers.

Wikipedia - Emporis - Skyscraper Center CTBUH

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