Skylight in Frankfurt

Skylight in Frankfurt, Germany - residential tower constructed by Richard Rogers Partnership and ABB Architekten
Floors: 21 above ground
Height: 66.00 meters
Completion: 2001
Status: completed
Usage: office, residential

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Skylight Address

Stephanstraße 14-16

Skylight is a mixed-use real estate complex in Downtown Frankfurt, which also includes a residential tower. The skylight high-rise is around 66 meters high and has two antennas, the tips of which end at 87 meters. The Skylight Tower, with 20 residential floors, is the first modern residential high-rise in Frankfurt in decades when it was completed.

The entire Skylight Frankfurt project was designed according to the “city within the city” principle. The skylight mainly consists of office space in the flat part of the building and is supplemented by a few retail spaces. The building complex takes up a whole block between Bleichstrasse, Brönnerstrasse, Stephanstrasse, and Katzenpforte. Skylight was built by the project developer DeTe Immobilien between 1999 and 2001 based on a design by Richard Rogers Partnership and ABB Architekten. The construction costs amounted to around 51 million euros. The current owner is Deka Immobilien GmbH.

Frankfurt Skylight condo tower
Skylight rental apartments with skyline views

The entire building complex consists of an E-shaped main building between six and eight storeys high, which is 70 meters (230 feet) in its widest wing on Bleichstrasse and 70 meters in its longest at Katzenpforte. The main building houses shops and restaurants on the ground floors and offices on the upper floors, with the crossbar at the Katzenpforte providing 50 apartments.

In front of the east side, which is open to Brönnerstrasse through the complex, four independent, but architecturally similar point residential buildings are connected to the central building, resulting in a large northern and a slightly smaller southern inner courtyard. In the northwest corner is the residential high-rise protruding from the floor plan to the west, which is divided into 21 floors with 40 apartments.

City Center Apartments in Frankfurt - Skylight Frankfurt
Highrise building with antennas in Frankfurt
Office space for rent in the Skylight office complex - the low rise wing

To the south of this, between Katzenpforte and the main building, down to Stephanstrasse, is Hans-Flesch-Platz, which is essentially designed by the ventilation pipes of the underground car park that are deliberately led to the outside. At Katzenpforte there is also the entrance to the three-story basement, which combines underground parking, building services and storage rooms for the residents.

Architecturally, the building processes various currents: the cubature of the components that are strictly at right angles to one another corresponds to classical modernism. Details such as the design of the square at the Katzenpforte, the base of the residential tower and the use of matt metal as facade cladding point to the high-tech architecture, elements of postmodernism can be found above all in the general design of the other facades and the natural stone cladding of the residential tower.

South of the Skylight location, the two high-rises High Lines and The Edge are planned to be constructed.