Millennium Tower Frankfurt by CA Immo

High Expectations and a Lust for Returns: CA Immo’s Difficult Decision

There is movement in the Millennium Tower project. Since its original presentation in 1998, the Millennium Tower has fascinated and moved people, and not just in Frankfurt. Proposed in the 1998 high-rise development plan, the tower was originally supposed to reach 369 meters (1,210 feet) and was intended to be Europe’s tallest skyscraper. What remains of the Millennium Tower plans ultimately depends on the Austrian real estate developer CA Immo, headquartered in Vienna. At the moment it looks like two towers will be built. No further details were officially announced.

CA Immo has not yet been known for extraordinary architecture in this country. So far its skyscraper developments in Frankfurt have been noted for their simple designs, including Tower 185 and ONE. As a rule, the plans for such towers are guided by economic reasons: in the end, someone has to pay for everything financially. A simple architectural design increases revenues. CA Immo will later sell the property to an investor.

Longing for Superlatives?

The numerous visualizations of possible Millennium Tower designs shown in newspapers and on the Internet have one thing in common: they are nothing but placeholders, because a specific design for this high-rise tower has not yet been submitted, let alone approved. Nevertheless, an unusually large number of people are committed to ensuring that no “broken-off giant” is built on the Millennium Tower site.

The Millennium Tower project holds potential for larger social discussions, as shown by online comments on the project, for example here in the SKYLINE ATLAS, on Skyscraper City, and in the German Architecture Forum.

Much more important than the pure height, however, seems to be the quality of the architecture in the high-rise project. The exposed location near MesseTurm is not yet a dense high-rise cluster like the Financial District. The site’s visibility will give the new project a distinctive mark in the urban landscape.

So it is all the more important that both CA Immo and the City of Frankfurt see the opportunity to design new high-rise buildings with better architecture that will again provide Frankfurt with an eye-catcher that will be talked about in twenty years. However, an architectural competition is not always the means to achieve the best architecture. It is much more important that the client has the will to turn the project into a lighthouse. If CA Immo does not manage this, the company will presumably retain the image of a cool investor for a long time. It doesn’t matter whether the tower is called Millennium Tower in the end or has another name.

Perhaps the City of Frankfurt will manage to create a more spectacular architecture in the course of discussing a second tower with the client. Beautiful structures attract visitors from all over the world and convey the city’s image.

More Than Regional Attention

The Millennium Tower real estate project has fascinated the public, and not just in Frankfurt itself. Supra-regional interest in the development is evident at the end of August 2020. The dpa (German Press Agency) published an article on Millennium Tower which was picked up by a variety of media such as N-TV, Süddeutsche Zeitung and This also includes a link to the Millennium Tower in the SKYLINE ATLAS. As a result, the daily number of users on this website have multiplied over a few days, demonstrating the intensity of interest in the project.

Note: The article picture for this post shows a design for the Millennium Tower from a model exhibited in the planning department foyer. In this foyer everyone can visit the Frankfurt city model free of charge.

Millenium Tower Frankfurt - construction site - CA Immo - containers

CA Immo construction containers currently occupy the future site of Millennium Tower, and they will remain there during the construction phase of Tower ONE (completion in early 2022).

An article by Daniel Kieckhefer.

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