Gallileo in Frankfurt

Gallileo Frankfurt - Commerzbank
Floors: 38 above ground
Height: 136.00 meters
Completion: 2002
Status: completed
Usage: office

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Gallileo Address

Gallusanlage 7

The Gallileo office tower is 136 meters (446 feet) high and is located at the corner of Gallusanlage and Kaiserstrasse in the Financial District with a view over Gallusanlage and its planting. The building’s name Gallileo is derived from its address Gallusanlage 7 and is written using a double “L”. Gallileo Frankfurt also houses The English Theatre, the only English-speaking theater in Germany.

The reinforced concrete skeleton and composite reinforced concrete building was built according to plans by Novotny Mähner Assoziierte in 2000 and completed for Dresdner Bank in spring 2003. Strictly speaking, the high-rise building should not have been built at this location. Formally, it belongs to the railway station district, and new high-rise locations are not planned there. The client was nevertheless able to assert himself through clever negotiations with the city.

Today, the Gallileo high-rise is used entirely by Commerzbank. Within sight of Gallileo is also the Commerzbank headquarters. The bank uses numerous other office buildings in the immediate vicinity, such as the adjoining Fürstenhof and Kaiser Karree in Kaiserstrasse.

Gallileo skyscraper in the CBD of Frankfurt

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