CV Real Estate AG announces new Building called CANYON

A new building of a special kind is being constructed in Frankfurt‘s banking district: By the end of 2025, the CANYON, a green and sustainable building with 14 floors, will replace the existing building at Mainzer Landstraße 23, which was most recently used by Hypovereinsbank. At the press conference, at which the SKYLINE ATLAS was also present and talked to the project developer, CV Real Estate AG announced the current status of the CANYON.

The project developer submitted the official building application in April 2022 and expects approval in the fall. After completion, over 30,000 square meters of office space will be available. This will then enable the implementation of flexible new work concepts as well as traditional working. Furthermore, 95 parking spaces and 300 parking spaces for bicycles are provided. In addition, there will be a Sky Garden as a unique open-space area for meetings and after-work events with a view of the skyline. In order to open up the building to the street space, a supermarket, gastronomy and a space for art exhibitions will also be created on the first floor. In addition, a passageway will lead through the building. The design is by the Frankfurt architectural firm KSP Engel.


Visualization of the Sky Garden on the roof of the CANYON


The press conference took place in the existing building in Mainzer Landstraße

An outstanding feature of the CANYON is that the building not only reduces emissions, but also absorbs them at the same time. According to Christian Vogrincic of CV Real Estate, this allows up to 2,000 kg of CO2 to be absorbed per year and nitrogen oxides to be reduced by up to 40%. In addition, the green roof structures and the green facade lead to energy savings of approximately 10 percent. Particulate matter can also be reduced by up to 30 percent.

In addition, the green roof gardens fulfill the function of water storage, which has a positive effect on the environment at high temperatures. On the one hand, humidity is increased, and on the other, the ambient temperature is reduced by two to three degrees Celsius. All in all, the CANYON makes a significant contribution to enhancing the quality of life in the banking district.

Christian Vogrincic of CV Real Estate at the presentation of the CANYON

At the press conference the future front view of the CANYON was shown

The existing building on Mainzer Landstraße is expected to be demolished at the end of 2022

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