Timeride Frankfurt - Frankfurt tourist attraction

Timeride Frankfurt – Experience the historic Frankfurt in 360 degrees

In April 2020 a new visitor attraction will start, which allows you to experience the old Frankfurt in a virtual 360 degree tour. Timeride Frankfurt opens its doors diagonally opposite St. Paul’s Church (Paulskirche) on Berliner Strasse 42a. According to the provider, visitors can travel back in time to industrialization in historic Frankfurt with VR glasses and experience “milestones like the beginning of electrification” and a virtual visit of the Electrical Engineering Exhibition from 1891.

The highlight of the virtual city tour is said to be a VR carriage ride through Frankfurt of the year 1891 in a detailed replica of a panoramic carriage – with views of the Old Town (Altstadt) as it was in an undamaged time. Even airflow, background noises and smells are simulated for more VR persuasiveness. Timeride Frankfurt‘s journey through time is accompanied by a “venerable Frankfurt merchant” who contributes his personal view of the social and economic upheavals in the 19th century.

The timeride concept is already available in numerous other cities in Germany. A virtual tour in Frankfurt takes around 45 minutes. The virtual time travel is suitable for children from the age of six. The editors will test the offer and report about it here.

If you want to get a taste of Timeride Frankfurt, you should watch the 360-degree preview video with a smartphone. Because when watching the video there you can use the functionality to “look around” inside the video interactively by turning it.

Status June 2020: Due to the corona crisis, the start of TimeRide Frankfurt has been postponed. No new launch date has been set yet.

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