Frankfurt Cathedral Tower

The Imperial Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew (in German: Frankfurter Dom) is an important church in the Old Town of Frankfurt. As the former electoral and coronation church of the Roman-German emperors, the cathedral is important to the history of the empire and was a symbol of national unity, especially in the 19th century. Today's Frankfurt

What Were the Frankfurt House Fights?

The Frankfurt House Fights (in German: "Frankfurter Häuserkampf") took place in the 1970s and included protest movements, rallies and demonstrations, especially by left-wing political activists. The protests were primarily directed against the speculation of land in Frankfurt's Westend district. The Frankfurt House Fights mark the beginning of the German squatter movement and the beginning of

What Is the Old Town of Frankfurt?

The Old Town (Altstadt in German) is a district of Frankfurt and has an eventful urban history. Depending on the context used, the term Frankfurt Old Town is used for various urban planning aspects: Old Town as the smallest district of the city of Frankfurt with currently around 4,200 inhabitants. Old Town as a place