The Gallus is a district of Frankfurt and has around 42,000 inhabitants. Until 2007, the official name of Gallus was Gallusviertel (lit. "Gallus Quarter"). The Gallus extends north of the Main river and borders on the Bahnhofsviertel in the east, on the Gutleutviertel in the south, on Griesheim in the west, on Bockenheim with the

Interview with Stefan Forster

Home > Magazin > Interviews > Stefan Forster About Urban Development in Frankfurt am Main Architect Stefan Forster in ConversationStefan Forster founded the Frankfurt-based architectural firm Stefan Forster GmbH over thirty years ago. Together with his partner Florian Kraft and now around 60 employees, he actively follows and shapes urban development throughout Germany. His work focuses

Commerzbank Trading Center

The 93 meters (305 feet) high Commerzbank Trading Center stands on a plot of around 2,240 square meters (24,111 square feet) next to the tracks of the main train station. The former Commerzbank High-Rise was used by Commerzbank AG until 2019, but has since been sold to a project developer. The high-rise tower was built

Living in Frankfurt’s European District

The European District is a new urban quarter in Frankfurt, in which around 30,000 people will work and up to 10,000 people will live. The European District is located near the exhibition grounds on the former site of the central freight station. The development work began in 2005 and the first building construction was completed


A combined office and hotel building called Virage is to be built in the Gallus district. The post office administration building (Posthauptverwaltungsgebäude) originally built in 1976, also known as the Administration Building West (Verwaltungsgebäude West - VGW), is completely rebuilt and repositioned. The office tower was used by Commerzbank AG for many years, but the

European District – Europaviertel

The European District of Frankfurt is a development area close to the city center that will be built between 2006 and 2024. The European District (in German: Europaviertel) was built on the site of the former central freight station. The European District is not an city district of its own, but officially belongs to the

Frankfurt City Districts

Frankfurt has around 760,000 inhabitants (2022). The number of inhabitants has increased continuously since 2009; in 2009, there were not even 650,000 people living in Frankfurt. Nevertheless, Frankfurt is relatively small compared to other big cities. The city area of ​​Frankfurt is divided into 46 districts for statistical purposes. By name, however, there are only