Frankfurt Aerial Images

The skyscrapers of Frankfurt fascinate people, young and old alike. The best way to explore the skyline is still from the air. SKYLINE ATLAS has compiled numerous aerial photos by drone and aerial photos by helicopter from Thomas Gessner, HAUSSMANN VISUALS, Michael Wutzke, and other drone filmers. The productions of these providers include drone shots for well-known real estate companies and well-known real estate projects.

If you are more interested in a webcam in Frankfurt, you should have a look at this spectacular time-lapse shot of the Frankfurt skyline.

Best of Frankfurt - Videos in 4K

Best of Frankfurt am Main Drohne in 4K Teil 1

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Short films with the drone - Frankfurt from the air

Über den Dächern von Frankfurt

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Ein Tag in Frankfurt am Main

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More drone videos about Frankfurt can be found on the Youtube channel of SKYLINE ATLAS and HAUSSMANN VISUALS. Professional video films and high-resolution drone recordings Frankfurt are produced by Thomas Gessner, Michael Wutzke and associated drone pilots.

The Phorio photo database contains almost 20,000 photographs of skyscrapers in Frankfurt. These also include photographs of properties taken with the drone.

Wolkenkratzer in Frankfurt am Main - Die Skyline von Mainhattan

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Can anyone simply fly with a drone in Frankfurt?

No, because there are increasing legal requirements for copter pilots. In addition, there are very few places in Frankfurt that are officially permitted for drone pilots to fly. In addition, areas close to the city center in particular are located in no-fly zones, control zones or regulated areas where flights are fundamentally prohibited. For example, you are not allowed to fly over or along traffic routes without special permits (this includes approach and departure zones from Frankfurt Airport, rivers such as the Main, rail lines, federal highways, hospitals, etc.). This makes it legally impossible for normal citizens to take off with a drone in Frankfurt city center. If you fly in Frankfurt without necessary permits and other legal requirements you risk criminal charges.

Drone pilots need in each case the legally prescribed insurance for a drone flight. If you do not have a drone insurance, you are not allowed to fly in Germany – no matter where. If you take off with your insured drone without the appropriate permits, this insurance is unfortunately not helpful either: because then you lose your insurance cover and you will pay the costs incurred by a possible drone accident. In even more general terms: This does not only include costs caused by threatening accidents but also all costs caused by the pure flight of the drone, for example an enlightening police helicopter mission.

Commercial drone flights, as for example with our co-operation partner Thomas Gessner accomplished, require in each case special knowledge proofs, enormous practical experiences, an ascent permission as well as an exception permission of the Regierungspraesidium Darmstadt in accordance with §21d German air regulation, which then removes many of the flight restrictions in Frankfurt as mentioned before.

A number of real estate owners and residents have issued SKYLINE ATLAS deepening permits. Owners of real estate in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main area can continue to grant such an ascent permit and thus grant all drone pilots connected to SKYLINE ATLAS a permanent ascent permit and in return – after appropriate confirmation – use selected video material and photos that have already been produced in the Frankfurt area.

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