Construction Site Tour of the High-Rise Building on Kennedyallee

An exciting building is being added to Kennedyallee in a prominent location. The high-rise under construction will be built as a 43 meter high aparthotel. SKYLINE ATLAS had the opportunity to visit the construction site and gain interesting insights into the structure of the building and the processes on site. The site is 2,723 square meters in size and consists of the partial lots Stresemanallee 28, Kennedyallee 87 and 89.


Oliver Jackel from GLEEDS and Güney Kaya from KCM guided us through various stations in the building and answered our questions about the daily work and the challenges on the construction site.

In the meeting room, we were able to gain initial insights into the planning of the hotel. Here, among other things, the high-quality materials for the building, e.g. the interior cladding of the apartments, are sighted. Floor plans can also be viewed.


Frankfurt’s Skyline

Afterwards, Güney Kaya and Oliver Jackel took the guests by external elevator to the roof of the hotel, where a spacious roof terrace with greenery will be available to the residents after completion. In addition to this use, the building services will also be housed there. The roof offers an impressive view of the Frankfurt skyline.


We continued through the staircase to the seventh floor. The special feature of this floor is that another roof terrace with greenery is planned here as well. We were also able to get a comprehensive idea of what kind of view one will have there when entering the terrace and were thrilled.


After another descent down the interior staircase, we inspected one of the lower and largely completed floors. The floor plans of the individual hotel apartments (bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom) were very easy to follow. Also worth seeing were the attached fronts from the floor-to-ceiling windows of the apartments, which are excellent at keeping out sound from the street.


Finally, the group returned to the meeting room, where Güney Kaya told us about the processes on the construction site. It became clear that a large number of processes are coordinated at the same time and that this requires a great deal of consultation. Furthermore, Güney Kaya made clear that it is always exciting and varied on a construction site.


We at SKYLINE ATLAS were definitely able to gain a comprehensive insight into the inner workings of the construction site and the building, and against this background we would like to express our sincere thanks to Oliver Jackel from GLEEDS and Güney Kaya from KCM. We wish much success for the completion of the Aparthotel at this busy location.

High-Rise Insider Tour

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