Alpha Rotex in Frankfurt

Alpha Rotex Frankfurt
Floors: 16 above ground
Height: 68.00 meters
Completion: 2013
Status: completed
Usage: office

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Alpha Rotex Address

Edmund-Rumpler-Straße 3

At a height of 68 meters, Alpha Rotex is the tallest office building in the Gateway Gardens development area. The office building covers a gross floor area of ​​40,500 square meters. The architecture was designed by Jo. Franzke architecture office. The facade made of aluminum and glass divides the building concisely into horizontal elements. The interior feature an eight-story tall lobby. Five winter gardens with a height of 30 meters impressively stage the vertical.

The Alpha Rotex wings rotate around the core of the building and change their orientation from the eighth floor through point-symmetrical reflection of the floor plan. The building structure has flat ceilings with spans of up to 13 meters. The structure is organized in such a way that all column strands run from the roof to the foundation without complex support structures.

The main tenant of the property is DB Schenker, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn (Deutsche Bahn Cargo). Deutsche Bahn is the national railway operator in Germany.

Alpha Rotex was constructed, although it was not included in the 2008 high-rise development plan.

Status September 2020: According to the newspaper FAZ, DB Cargo is considering giving up the Alpharotex location and to relocate 500 employees to the city of Mainz.

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