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Additional Editors in October 2019

SKYLINE ATLAS is the information medium about the Frankfurt skyline. Here, the history of the skyscrapers in Frankfurt is thematized: Past, present and future. Today, SKYLINE ATLAS is run by several authors and creative minds on a voluntary basis. For decades, the editorial staff has cultivated networks with experts in the real estate sector. And these experts are about to become more important here. For this reason we are pleased to announce that two new members have joined the editorial team.

From now on, Thomas Gessner is involved in the SKYLINE ATLAS as curator and creative mind. For many years Thomas was Art Director and Media Producer for renowned brands such as Red Bull and Audi. Thomas Gessner now works as a freelance photographer and drone filmmaker in Frankfurt. In this function he creates high-quality media productions for renowned companies, also in the fields of architecture and real estate. Thomas Gessner continues to exhibit his own works at SKYLINE ATLAS, including NEO NOIR and BOOOM. In the future, Thomas Gessner would like to exhibit the work of other media professionals and artists at SKYLINE ATLAS if they match the subjects of the publication.

Furthermore Olaf Cunitz writes about the urban development in Frankfurt in the SKYLINE ATLAS, evaluates current developments and gives suggestions for improvement. Mr. Cunitz knows numerous real estate projects and urban developments inside out, is familiar with processes in the city administration and can judge on outcomes as a planning expert accordingly. Until summer 2016, Olaf Cunitz was officially Mayor and Head of Planning, Building and Living of the City of Frankfurt.

The whole SKYLINE ATLAS team is looking forward to the cooperation.

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