Interview with Stefan Forster

Home > Magazin > Interviews > Stefan Forster About Urban Development in Frankfurt am Main Architect Stefan Forster in ConversationStefan Forster founded the Frankfurt-based architectural firm Stefan Forster GmbH over thirty years ago. Together with his partner Florian Kraft and now around 60 employees, he actively follows and shapes urban development throughout Germany. His work focuses

City Gate

City Gate is a 110-meter (361 feet) high-rise office building in the Nordend district with 22,000 square meters (236,806 square feet) of usable space. City Gate is located on Nibelungenplatz, an important and busy hub in the north of Frankfurt. Here, the Nibelungenallee and Rothschildallee streets meet Friedberger Landstrasse and the district streets Nordendstrasse and

What is the Wallservitut?

Wallservitut is a regulation issued in 1827 to protect the public green spaces in Frankfurt, which were created to replace the former Frankfurt city fortifications. After the adoption of Wallservitut, the green areas on today's Wallanlagen remained protected from development after 1806. Only the outside of the streets that form the current Anlagenring (lit. "Wall