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Wallservitut Frankfurt - green area protection - park protection regulations

What is the Wallservitut?

Wallservitut is a regulation issued in 1827 to protect the public green spaces in Frankfurt, which were created to replace the former Frankfurt city fortifications. After the adoption of Wallservitut, the green areas on today’s Wallanlagen remained protected from development after 1806. Only the outside of the streets that form the current Anlagenring (lit. “Wall Ring Road”) was allowed to be built on. In this way, a separation of the inner city from the surrounding districts of Bahnhofsviertel, Westend, Nordend and Ostend was created, which is still visible today.

The area along the former city wall was parceled out and built on. Today the streets of the inner plant ring, Neue Mainzer Strasse, Hochstrasse, Bleichstrasse, Seilerstrasse and Lange Strasse run here. The area behind the fortress walls was converted into garden land that could not be built on and was open to the public.

The provisions of Wallservitut are still valid today and have been confirmed several times since their introduction. Its valid version was decided on June 4, 1903 by the Prussian state parliament: “Das Gesetz, betreffend Bebauung und Benutzung ehemaliger Wallgrundstücke in Frankfurt am Main” (translated “The law, regarding building and use of former walled land in Frankfurt”). The plots on the edge of the green areas may be built up to a maximum depth of 15 meters. However, there have always been exceptions, e.g. for the construction of Alte Oper, the historic opera house.

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