What is and does an Architectural Office?

The main task of an architectural office is the design, technical and economic planning of buildings, e.g. sustainable high-rise buildings. The architectural laws of the federal states define the professional task, although these may differ in certain aspects. Likewise, certain specializations within general architecture differ. For example, it is possible to specialize in landscape architecture or



Another high-rise building from Groß & Partner

Once again, the Frankfurt-based project developer Gross & Partner is making a comeback. This time Groß & Partner announces a 128-meter high hotel and office tower called "The Spin" on the site of the former main freight station. The design for the high-rise building comes from the architectural office Hadi Teherani which has been in

The Spin

A 128-meter skyscraper called The Spin is being constructed at Mainzer Landstrasse/Gueterplatz, forming the entrance to the European Quarter. The Spin is the first new high-rise on Mainzer Landstrasse in around 30 years, thus extending this high-rise axis by many hundreds of meters to the west. Former working titles of The Spin included Spin Tower