Hochhaus im Park (c) Phorio

RFR is re-developing Hochhaus am Park

RFR Holding GmbH (RFR) have bought the ‘Hochhaus am Park’, located in the Frankfurt district of West End. The building is located in the immediate vicinity of Goethe University, between Fürstenbergstraße, Grüneburgweg and Wolfgangstraße.

The property, with a total rent area of ​​32,000 m², was previously used as an office building, but is currently empty. Due to high demand, RFR sees high potential for a conversion to residential and hotel use. In the smaller of the two square towers, at 13,000 m², up to 140 hotel rooms are to be created. The eastern tower, with a height of 96 meters and 19,000 m² of rental space, could offer around 100 properties. 180 parking spaces are planned for the existing underground car park. The cubature of the property should not change.

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