Living Quarter at Harbor West

THE Fizz Frankfurt Wohnquartier

In the Westhafen, a housing complex with two residential towers and a student residence named ‘The Fizz II’ is being built on a plot of an industrial road of more than one hectare. The project is named ‘Living Quarter at Harbor West’ (“Wohnquartier am Westhafen”). The tallest of the two residential towers will be 66 meters high and have 19 floors. The smaller tower is to be 38 meters high.

The new residential quarter is embedded between Sommerhoffpark, Main and Bahnlinie, and is in close proximity to the Main. Those traveling on the Main-Neckar-Bridge in Frankfurt will be able to view this ensemble as they enter Frankfurt.

So far, the property is not developed for passers-by. The route along the Mainufer ends at the Main-Neckar-Bridge. However, pedestrians and cyclists will be able to stroll along the bridge by the river in the future. There will be a planned gap between the Mainuferpromenade and the Sommerhoffpark. According to the green space office, investors are building a 12-meter-wide green promenade, which will be handed over after completion to the city of Frankfurt.

Status October 2017: Construction work has just begun.

Wohnquartier am Sommerhoffpark - Hochhäuser Hochhaus Mainufer Frankfurt

Thus, the area for the residential quarter at the Westhafen in late summer 2016 is shown here in the picture below. Behind the passage, the residential quarter with new high-rise buildings are being built:

Construction site Westhafen Quartier residential building in August 2016

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